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Alessia Pagliaroli assists local training academy with industry insights

Posted on June 15th, by Alessia Pagliaroli in Company News, Recruitment. No Comments

I recently attended the Jedi Council organized by RED Academy in Vancouver. RED is a well respected training academy offering courses like Digital Marketing. I was asked to join a group of industry professionals to guide their curriculum planning process. As a marketing recruiter, I prepared some thoughts on the biggest priorities and knowledge … Read More »

Are You Ready for a Thriving Career in Engineering?

Posted on March 28th, by Henry Goldbeck in Engineering, Industry Resources. Comments Off on Are You Ready for a Thriving Career in Engineering?

Engineering remains one of the most desirable careers going into 2018. The number of engineers contributing to our workplace has grown over the last few years, adding over 7200 job opportunities in this field. 1

From the moment you wake up to your day-to-day routine everything around you is designed, built, and maintained by engineers. Specializing in … Read More »

Tips for Employers on working with a Recruiter

Posted on February 15th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Recruitment. Comments Off on Tips for Employers on working with a Recruiter

As GE’s Jack Welch said, “Hiring great people is brutally hard.” According to Harvard Business Review, a surprising number of managers get it wrong, resulting not only in lost dollars but in lost opportunities to hire the best talent. This is because some leaders don’t put the same strategic thought and time investment into recruiting … Read More »

Mental Health & Workplace

Posted on January 31st, by Henry Goldbeck in Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on Mental Health & Workplace

Mental health prevention, and support are key factors in all workplace environments. In the past mental health stigma has kept people quiet, living in agony, pain, depression while maintaining or taking absence from their jobs. This stigma around mental health at work, impacts both employers and employees.

Today, we support the mental health campaign launched by … Read More »

How to Stay Ahead of Technology Trends

Posted on January 2nd, by Henry Goldbeck in Technology. Comments Off on How to Stay Ahead of Technology Trends

In the tech world things are constantly changing and developing, keeping up can be a hard thing to do, when things change so rapidly.

Fortunately, a few simple “life hacks” can help you keep your  finger on this ever changing way of technology trends. For example, if you are following the … Read More »