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Striving for the “Clockless” Work schedule

Posted on October 26th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Job Search, Recruitment. 1 Comment

Striving for the “Clockless” Work Schedule

Results Only Work Environment

How many companies you know supports naps on a weekday during regular working hours? Or rather that you leave work earlier and attend to your personal life than to stay at your desk and blankly stare at your monitor in a semi-comatose state?

IBM, Sun Microsystems and Best … Read More »

Motivation to Work During the Summer

Posted on June 21st, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Job Search. 3 comments

Flexible Summer Hours

Summer is here, if you are like me, spending a few hours sitting in my desk, staring out at the blue sky wishing I was outside; rest assured there are many just like us. It is difficult motivating employees during the summer season. A recent survey of 48% out of 477 organizations offer … Read More »