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Is your Contractor Really an Employee?

Posted on August 30th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Career Development, HR Management, Job Search, Leadership, Recruitment. Comments Off on Is your Contractor Really an Employee?

The so-called “gig economy” has been in the news a lot. The rise of short-term contracts (freelancers, consultants, contractors) in the work landscape has been facilitated by technological advances and freelancer websites proliferating on the internet. The software company Intuit believes that as much as 45% of Canadians will be self-employed by 2020 and has … Read More »

How Employers View A Gap In Your Resume

Posted on June 7th, by Henry Goldbeck in Interviewing Advice, Resume Writing. Comments Off on How Employers View A Gap In Your Resume


You might think that when employers see holes in your resume it’s game over. But the right explanations and presentation can soften the blow and provide ample reasoning for your choices.

First impressions are difficult. They can be difficult during in-person meetings or presentations when you are meeting someone for the first time. … Read More »

How to Follow-Up After You Didn’t Get the Job

Posted on March 9th, by Henry Goldbeck in Interviewing Advice, Job Search. Comments Off on How to Follow-Up After You Didn’t Get the Job

There are few things more discouraging than a phone call or email advising, “Sorry, you didn’t get the job”.  It especially stings if you felt you performed well in the interview and it was for a job you really wanted.

So, what went wrong? You don’t have to wonder. In fact, we recommend you follow up … Read More »

Combat Job Search Fatigue

Posted on January 13th, by Henry Goldbeck in Job Search. Comments Off on Combat Job Search Fatigue

Henry Goldbeck came across the question “How to Combat Job Search Depression?” and shared his thoughts on it below:

“The biggest reason for job search depression is focusing on things out of your control. If you focus on what you can control and stay disciplined, you will feel much better during the job search and be less likely to become depressed or discouraged.

What can you control?

Your research of opportunities, … Read More »

Does Headhunting Still Work?

Posted on March 24th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Career, HR Management, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on Does Headhunting Still Work?

The Internet and social media have revolutionized the process of recruitment.  All companies now have access to the same large pool of potential candidates through professional social networks such as LinkedIn.  This leads to the question of whether there are still benefits to having an outside recruitment agency do the headhunting for you.

The process of headhunting may have changed with … Read More »