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Why Leaders Lose Motivation: Feeling Overwhelmed

Posted on March 6th, by Lougie in HR Management, Leadership. Comments Off on Why Leaders Lose Motivation: Feeling Overwhelmed

What do you do when you, as a leader, lose your motivation because you feel overwhelmed? How do you motivate your employees if you are not motivated yourself? This a common issue among business owners and senior executives that can be solved with the help of an Executive Coach.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s Why…

 In today’s information age, … Read More »

5 Things You Can Do To Fall In Love With Your Job Again

Posted on February 13th, by Lougie in Career, Career Development. Comments Off on 5 Things You Can Do To Fall In Love With Your Job Again

Every time we begin working at a new job we start with so much joy and enthusiasm. It can be an exciting, rewarding  and overwhelming experience for most of us in the beginning.  After a while, doing the same work day after day may not be as exciting any more.  We start questioning … Read More »

Do People See Value in Your Work?

Posted on October 22nd, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Career Development, Leadership. 4 comments


Monetary recognition is an important motivation however, ask yourself, are you measured by money or are you motivated by money? Barry Shwartz, a TED presenter gave an example of Motivational Competition. In Switzerland, when they were deciding where to locate nuclear waste dumps, psychologists surveyed two groups. The first group was asked “would you be … Read More »