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The Oilpatch Finding Workers Not So Eager To Return

Posted on April 11th, by Henry Goldbeck in In The Media, Recruitment, Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on The Oilpatch Finding Workers Not So Eager To Return

Henry Goldbeck responds to the CBC article: “Former workers aren’t flocking back to the oilpatch” published recently on msn.com

“This article talks about laid off oil patch workers in Alberta who are reluctant to return to the field when the jobs opportunities sprout again. The longer the downturn, the more laid off workers will have found … Read More »

Losing Workers to Alberta’s Oil Patch? Eight Obvious, Possibly-Wacky and Workable Retention Strategies.

Posted on June 6th, by Henry Goldbeck in Engineering, Henry Goldbeck, HR Management, Industry Resources. 1 Comment

When managers, engineers and skilled professionals can make double their salaries in Alberta’s oil patch or small towns in Saskatchewan —

for example, recent Payscale data reports that a Senior Estimator can make 55% more working in Saskatchewan

— we’re going to have to get really creative and outright invest in ways to keep them.

With that in mind, here are eight retention strategies for companies like yours who have to compete with industries that can pay your workers double what they’ll earn in urban centres.

Some of them might be obvious. Some of them might be crazy or inappropriate.

Some of them just might work.