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Starting a Workplace Wellness Culture in Your Company

Posted on September 21st, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, HR Management, Human Resources, In The Media, Recruitment, Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on Starting a Workplace Wellness Culture in Your Company

Workplace Wellness

An employee-employer relationship is no different from any other relationship; it all begins with common ground. With the recent increase of health-minded individuals over the past 10 years, there is a growing need for an employee’s work culture to reflect their personal morals and beliefs. When it comes to Workplace Wellness, employers and employees … Read More »

Workplace Wellness Programs (Part 1 – What Canadian Companies Are Doing)

Posted on May 9th, by Lougie in HR Management. 2 comments

How Healthy Are Canadian Workers?

Health and wellness programs for the workplace are not just for big companies, and are not just “employee perks”. There are numerous studies and statistics that show that promoting health and wellness in the workplace benefits both the employees and the organization.

Consider these facts about Canadian workers:

60% spend their entire workday … Read More »