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Now that I found your resume, what sets you apart?

Posted on March 5th, by Karen Epp in Job Search, Resume Writing. Comments Off on Now that I found your resume, what sets you apart?

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Your resume has been discovered!  Yeah!  But will you get the call for the interview? You have been successful in creating a resume that HR Managers and Recruiters find in their databases or search engines.  If you want some tips on how to successfully get your resume found read up my prequel post, Is My Resume too Long?  Maybe you should be asking, Is it too Short?.  Your name is coming up in searches.  Great!  So have a few hundred others.

Why should I call you?

I recommend including on your resume two to three accomplishments for each of your positions.  If you do not have an achievement worthy of sharing you are not standing out.

  • Where have you added value?
  • How have you saved costs? 
  • In what way have you made processes more efficient? 
  • How have you impacted the bottom line for a company? 

Everyone from clerk to CFO can add value to their workplace.

There is a lot of competition out there.  What makes you a star?

Most candidates share, “when I first joined the company the books were in a mess.  I cleaned things up.”  I am then thinking what exceptional things did you do for the next few years you were in the job?

Take time to think about how you add value.  Do this long before you are in the need of a new job.  How about today?  What have you done above and beyond what was required of you today?


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Karen Epp

Finance & Accounting Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.
Karen Epp, CPC is the Senior Finance and Accounting Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc and brings over twenty years of experience recruiting professionals in Accounting, Finance, Insurance, Banking, and Human Resources. One of the advantages of working with Karen in your search for Accounting Professionals is the extensive long standing relationships with candidates and reputable clients.

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