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Ria Inducil – Testimonials

Posted on October 20th, by Henry Goldbeck in Ria Inducil, Testimonials. Comments Off on Ria Inducil – Testimonials

Ria Inducil, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Recruiter

Senior Recruiter – Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Division at Goldbeck Recruiting, in the field of pharmaceutical business process outsourcing for 14 years. As a Business Development Director for Integrated Sales Innovators, I effectively recruited and managed the Sales and Marketing front-line deployment of companies such as Novartis Healthcare Inc., Sanofi-Aventis, Glaxo Smith Kline and Schering-Plough Corporation.

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Consistency and competency in every action

Martin D

Sales Manager, Novarits

Industry: Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Being a third-party services provider, Ria has been instrumental in the success of our stretch objectives in Novartis. She has a good grasp of what we envisioned at start and detailed the key resources and support for achieving these goals. Very systematic and pragmatic, Ria also played a critical role in bridging promotional gaps in key-performance areas. With consistency and competency in every action, she knows what it takes to provide the total customer service and satisfaction package. I will always be confident of her services



Things went very smoothly thanks to Ria 

Dieter Geesing

Quality Manager Western Canada, Fraser Richmond Soil & Fibre

Industry: Environmental

Ria Inducil identified me as a candidate for an environmental company. As the company had a very specific job descriptions, and as only few people are specialized in their field, Ria did an excellent job in finding me and bringing the company in contact with me. Things went very smoothly thanks to Ria, and she was a very big help in negotiating the contract. It was a real pleasure working with Ria.



Our success could not be possible without the services of Ria

Louie Roxas

Industry: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Ria provided skilled medical representatives that are highly motivated and efficient. The business objective was to build our brand to make it self sustaining brand. In just 3 months, the business grew more than our expectation considering the low level of investment we made. The brand became top of mind among ER doctors and pediatricians. Our success could not be possible without the services of Ria.



Ria’s exceptional understanding of the pharmaceutical industry

Satvir Minhas

Medical Science Liaison, Lundbeck

Industry: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

I highly recommend any candidate to contact Ria in their job search. Thanks to Ria’s exceptional understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, she referred me for a job other recruiters who had my resume did not consider me for. With Ria’s professionalism, I was successful in landing my first industry job!



A trusted advisor

Mike Miller

Vice-President of Program Development, Interlock/PPC Worldwide

Industry: Business Services

Ria is an extremely capable recruiter who is able to work effectively with both the recruiting company as well as the candidate. She works as a trusted advisor and communicates very well



Consistently to provide quality service

Glenn R. Herrera

Vision Care Sales, Alcon Laboratories

Industry: Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Ria is very professional in her dealings with clients and can be relied upon consistently to provide quality service to her customers. Her excellent “scouting for talent” skills paved the way for the placement of quality people to an important project that the company was implementing


Because of her efforts that I was able to accept the offer

Ahoo Entesarian, MBA

Samarium Group

Industry: Mining

I have recently had the opportunity to work through Ria to obtain my most recent role. She was able to efficiently set up interviews and broker an attractive offer of employment. It is because of her efforts that I was able to accept the offer and have now joined Samarium Group Systems & Research. This was all done in less than one week time; from finding out about the position to the written offer of employment from Samarium Group.

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