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Using Social Discovery as a Means to Improve Team Chemistry

Posted on November 6th, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management. Comments Off on Using Social Discovery as a Means to Improve Team Chemistry

According to a study done by a study done by scientists at MIT, workplace socializing in fact makes for a very productive work environment when compared to a workplace where socializing withSocial Discovery coworkers is frowned upon.

As humans, we are by nature part of a social fabric and we are bound to pay attention to other people and share our mood says Dr. Pentland. Every workplace should encourage socializing with their coworkers, this improves the bond among team mates and encourages team building.

Social Discovery refers to connecting with someone around you with similar interests and tastes. Similar interest then leads to different activities, friendships and better communication. Social Discovery usually happens naturally, you put two people in close proximity for a while and they will break the ice and have a conversation however, organizations can help improve this and make it an easier experience.

Here are some fun ways to improve the Social Discovery experience:


One of the greatest ways to get people together and have a conversation is by understanding their interests; current events and Fantasy Football are an amazing way to get the chatter going in the workplace. Alternatively, if your local bar has a trivia night – try to garner interest and get a group out on a day after work. This improves team building and encourages competition. Can’t make it out to the bar? No problem, download apps like Trivia Crack or Trivia Party on to your smartphone and play away.

Ice Breakers

Ice breaker games are a fantastic way to get the team energized before a meeting or an event. It helps get to know each other while sharing facts and hobbies with each other.

Online Groups

Using online groups on Facebook, Google + or SalesForce to plan and discuss events, current events or even information perhaps on an item for sale is a great way to utilize these free tools.

Encourage Team Building

Team building events at work are a huge way to get employees together and working towards a fun goal. This could be done at work or in another place. Third Party experts can be called in too, to help with this.

All these activities are a great way to get the employees communicating amongst themselves, creating bonds and thereby improving productivity.

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