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Soft Skills – The Best Hidden Tool Your Sales Person Could Have

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Source: Pixabay.

Source: Pixabay.

It is a brand new year and reports and targets are everywhere. But, let’s face it – targets are pointless without a team of hardworking, intuitive sales people. Sales people are perhaps the life blood of an organization. In order to be successful in meeting your target, you must have a team of passionate and smart sales professionals.

Sales Professionals are natural at what they do; they have years of nurturing and experience that allows them to have seasoned skills that can give your brand that extra edge it needs. Sales Professionals are always on their toes and companies often invest in them with trainings and workshops. For a successful Sales team, it is essential to have the following soft skills.

Attentive Listening

It is true that some of the most successful people in this world are good listeners. A sales professional must always be very attentive to his surroundings and at the same time be able to pick up on cues and subtle references that a client may drop at anytime during the conversation. A good sales professional must always give the client good floor time while adding to the conversation and never interrupting them. Attentive Listening helps with not just closing a sale but also building a long lasting relationship between two companies.

Story Telling

This continues from where we left off in the previous skill, often, a point is better received when said through a story. Stories are found in every culture and a good story can always captivate a person and the story teller is bound to be a likable person if the story is good. This helps building character and relationships – eventually closing deals.


This is one of the most important Soft Skills that a sales professional should have. Empathy is being able to understand the client’s point of view by stepping in their shoes and using this insight to drive their process in a particular path. This helps in pushing the point of the product/service across and the client believing that you genuinely want to help them.

Rapport Building

One of the most important hidden benefits of seasoned sales professional is a rapport with decision makers in different industries. This is a product of years of relationship building and nurturing to a point where there is good trust between the two parties. Building this rapport helps in building that trust that is absolutely essential to keep the orders flowing and to keep those service contracts renewing every year.


Nobody likes a parrot, a good sales person is one that is flexible in situations and is able to use his different skills to emphasize on a different selling point with reference to the client. Not everyone is the same, so your sales pitch shouldn’t be.


One of the most important if not the most important skill in a successful sales person is the ability to cross sell. Cross selling is vital to both the sales person and company, this ability allows both start small and to grow – the motto of every business out there. Skills mentioned above help in having a conversation and enticing the client or a prospective customer’s interest toward the wide variety of products/services that your company may offer.

These are some of the most basic yet important soft skills of a successful sales team. Are you looking for your dream team? Let our search team do that for you while you focus on other important things at hand. Let us know how we can help. We at Goldbeck Recruiting are always eager to help companies meet their full potential.

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