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Tips How Salespersons Working Remotely Can Succeed

Posted on January 25th, by Jessica Miles in Career Development, Leadership. Comments Off on Tips How Salespersons Working Remotely Can Succeed

Jessica Miles of Goldbeck Recruiting comments on an article covering Tips on how a Salesperson who is working remotely can succeed:

“Remote or working directly at an office, sales people are judged by their success in numbers. At the end of day, it is all about their sales accomplishments.  Meeting sales quotas also goes hand in hand with providing high-quality service to customers and working as a team player.

 In terms of tips to motivate, stay focused and feel connected with others, I recommend that remote sales people exercise on a daily basis.  Plan your day the night before.  Get out of the house in the morning or at lunch to expose yourself to a new environment. Follow the 5 hour rule – and spend at least a few hours each week learning and devoting time to personal development. 


Instead of simply emailing, call your colleagues and speak to the on the phone when you need to discuss something. 

Encourage your team to use video conference tools like Zoom or WebEx to connect so you can see each other’s faces on a webcam.

In terms of showing your manager that you are doing a great job and pulling your weight, your success should be visible in your sales numbers. However, in order to show how you are working towards success, I recommend sending your manager summary emails, every so often, of what you are working on and the issues you are dealing with, and scheduling a bi-weekly meeting with your manager to set aside time to connect one-on-one. Successful sales people will also use their CRM system effectively and this will show their managers that they are capturing important sales information.”

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Jessica Miles is one of our very successful Sales Recruiters here at Goldbeck Recruiting. She specializes in recruiting professionals for sales, sales management and marketing positions in the industrial, healthcare, commodity trading, financial and B2B sectors. Jessica has successfully filled very difficult searches for demanding clients across Canada, the USA, Europe and Asia. Jessica takes great pride in the time and effort she takes to understand her client’s requirements and then methodically and thoroughly scouring all passive and active candidates in the relevant labour markets. Like all of our recruiters at Goldbeck Recruiting, Jessica uses the most up-to-date digital candidate sourcing tools and methodology. This is combined with candidate evaluation techniques using precise matrix systems and thorough face-to-face interviews.

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