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Workplace Demotion

Posted on November 23rd, by Henry Goldbeck in Career Development, Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on Workplace Demotion

What to do if one is demoted at their workplace?

What discussions they may want to have?  Is it time to start job hunting?

“The first thing they should do is breathe and ask for some time to consider. Do not do anything rash that could hurt their future opportunities at that employer or references if they decided to leave.

They should try to take their pride out of equation and take some time think about their options:

  1. Get legal advice, is this constructive dismissal, and all of the ramifications that would entail depending on their legal jurisdiction, length of employment, etc.
  2. Are there income ramifications to the demotion and how will that affect their life?
  3. Could this open up new doors within the company in terms of training or development in a new field, technology or market which could be leveraged.
  4. Could you ask for a different demotion that may lead to your dream job?
  5. Would you be happier with the demotion? Some people hate being a manager and would rather be an individual contributor or team leader, etc.
  6. Is this another sign that you have not been happy at this employer and will prompt you to make a change for your best interest?
  7. Should you resign and look for new employment, see legal options or should you keep working- while actively looking for new employment.

This is a big deal so asking for some time and space to go through your options is very legitimate and hopefully acknowledged by your employer. Do not do anything rash at your place of employment.

Unleash any tirade you may have with an understanding friend or partner and then reflect on how to turn this into an opportunity.

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