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Workplace New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on December 23rd, by Goldbeck Recruiting in HR Management, Leadership, Recruitment. Comments Off on Workplace New Year’s Resolutions

With the holidays around the corner, it is almostNew Years time to ring in the New Year’s, and nothing says a brand new year like a New Year’s resolution. What is your resolution for the new year?

The end of the year is a good time to reflect on all your personal and workplace progress over the past 365 days and how you further want to develop both personally and career wise. The following 5 New Year Resolutions will help you to achieve a better work life balance to maximize your success in the coming year both as a manager and as an employee.

As a manager:

Learn How to Delegate, know if you are Doing it Enough?

Life outside and inside of the office can get a little crazy at times, especially during the holidays. You are running around shopping for gifts, hosting and attending holiday parties, battling for that last piece of ham at the grocers and much more. Meanwhile your business is also dealing with the holiday busyness in its own ways. Learn how to delegate tasks, to not burn your employees or yourself out. There can be so many things to do when you are running a business and with the added stress of the holidays, it is easy to delude yourself to do all of them, and then wonder why you are so tired and do not have time to do anything else. If you are not already delegating enough, learn how you can delegate more and decide to let someone else do some of the tasks in your office for a change.

Delegate tasks and spread responsibility to your employees, this will not only make them feel special and a big part of your company, but it will also free up more time for yourself. Delegation can be the key to a healthy work life balance. If you realize you are short of staff, visit Goldbeck Recruiting, and have one of our professional recruiters take care of all your staffing needs.

Make Business Planning a Weekly Event.

Business planning allows you to discuss your progress and to focus on what has been working or what has not been working; helping you set new directions and goals moving forward. More importantly, get your employees involved in your weekly business planning. By getting your employees engaged, it will allow them to feel more responsible and to feel a bigger part of your company, which can increase their performance and retention rates. It will also help you avoid costly mistakes and to stay on track, feeling more focused and relaxed.

Give Something Back to Your Community

Find a cause that matters to you and your company and make a difference in your community by giving back. Whether you are a volunteer, serving on a committee, or making regular donations, giving back will not only benefit your community by making it a better place to live, but it will also benefit your company. It will grow goodwill for your company through building respect and a good reputation in the community; it will also benefit your company through an increase in employee engagement and responsiveness since employees respect leaders who do good. Here are some reasons why charity giving can help improve the work environment.

As an employee:

Find a new job

If you are unhappy with your current position or the responsibilities that you have been given, you can look for a different role within your current company or look for a different role in an external company. Changing jobs can be stressful , it means saying goodbye to your co-workers, to the teamwork and sense of collaboration you have developed during your time working at the company. Finding a new job can be an exciting opportunity to join a company that satisfies your needs and on your own terms, you will be able to work in a different environment and learn to navigate different problems and situations. Chances are you might be given a chance to attend new conferences/seminars thus increasing your professional knowledge and much more. To find out more on the importance of attending industry conferences and seminars, check out our previous article: Importance of Attending Seminars.

Reduce your stress

It is important to identify if your stress is coming from an outside source, or if it is self-induced. If you are putting too much stress on yourself, take a step back and relax. Whether it is asking for a day off to give yourself some personal time, getting more sleep or exercising more frequently; figure out what you need to do, in order to dial down your level of stress and have a more balanced work life. It is important to balance your life and to not place the weight of the world on your shoulder. You cannot do everything, so do not even try to.

To increase the probability of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, prioritize your list and do not sign up for too much all at once and as a manager if you are in need of staff, or as an employee if you are ready to find a new position let us know how we can help you. Visit Goldbeck Recruiting and have one of our professional recruiters guide you through the process.

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