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Jessica Miles

Senior Recruiter Areas of Focus: Sales, Engineering, Human Resources, Executive Search, Marketing, Manufacturing & Operations, Construction, Natural Resources, Life Sciences

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Jessica Miles, Senior Recruiter and Headhunter for Goldbeck

Jessica’s Story

Jessica Miles has been a Senior Recruiter with Goldbeck Recruiting since 2015. She takes pride in understanding her client’s requirements and scours the market to find the best talent. She methodically and thoroughly headhunts both active and passive candidates in relevant labour markets, with a focus on uncovering what makes them tick. Regardless of the size of your business, Jessica’s clients will tell you that you’ll be treated as a VIP every time.

Having successfully placed over 1,000 professionals, Jessica works with industries like industrial (mining, pulp and paper, industrial equipment, manufacturing, energy), healthcare (private fee for service, pharmaceuticals, medical devices) and a range of both B2B and B2C services. She recruits intermediate, senior and c-suite level positions, including sales managers, general managers, directors, VPs, across Canada, the USA and internationally. 

She has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria, and the close friends she made there still get together for an intense cocktail making party each year. 

Personal Facts:

  • Mom to Keira and Brady
  • Royal Conservatory Level 5 Pianist
  • Co-published a book called Restoration Walks in Victoria with Dr. Valentin Schaefer of the UVic Restoration of Natural Systems Program
  • Actively participates in a book club with her friends
  • Enjoys riding the rollercoaster at Playland numerous times in a row
  • Loves to travel
  • Nature enthusiast

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