Our Professional Staff

Li-Chieh Ho


Specializations: Executive Search, Talent Sourcing, Research 

Li-Chieh, Researcher

Li-Chieh’s Story

Li-Chieh is a Researcher with Goldbeck Recruiting, having begun as an intern before acquiring a full-time position in 2021. With a Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Li-Chieh works on comprehensive recruitment projects with various industries and positions to aid the Goldbeck recruiters in their placements. His thorough and distinct research methodology enables him to carry out searches from different perspectives, seeking every possibility to source viable candidates that align with client needs.

Li-Chieh firmly believes everyone should be offered equal opportunities no matter their origin and everyone deserves a job that fits their personality and qualifications. Li-Chieh works closely with the recruiters by sourcing local and international talent, offering them better job opportunities in different industries and positions. Internationally, Li-Chieh has sourced many new immigrants, international students, graduates, and workers within the Canadian labour force, giving them a chance to settle down and thrive.

Personal Facts:

  • Moved from Taiwan to Canada in 2019
  • Advanced skills in percussion, piano and vocals
  • Has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music
  • Enjoys going on road trips or camping with his partner
  • Is a good cook with a talent for Chinese & Japanese cuisines
  • Loves biking, swimming, and playing badminton

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