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Case Study: AE Concrete

Recruiting For Plant Managers Should Focus On Soft Skills

The skills required of plant and production managers have shifted in recent years; recruiters should prize flexible, lifelong learners.
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The past year and a half have been full of challenges and AE Concrete knows this especially well.  In January of 2021, their manufacturing plant caught fire and was destroyed. In addition, their longtime production supervisor was set to retire, leaving them in need of a replacement at a difficult time.

Kevin knew that the right fit for this company would need to possess more than the required expertise, they would also need strong interpersonal skills to effectively step into a leadership role during a tough time for the business. Upon finding that there was a lack of qualified candidates, Kevin expanded the search to include individuals with different backgrounds, yet related skill sets. Through this method, he found a particular candidate who didn’t have any concrete experience, but had a long history in construction project management as well as supervising experience in the automotive industry. What’s more is he also had a degree in engineering. 

After the interview process, the client confessed that the winning candidate would not have caught their eye from his resume alone. However, after learning about his background and experience and seeing his outgoing personality and understanding nature, they knew he was a shoe-in. At Goldbeck we know that the perfect fit might be hiding somewhere you hadn’t considered looking and are committed to bringing this talent to you.