Case Study: Creative at Home

The value of a well-connected salesperson can’t be downplayed. Which is why Creative at Home was in search of a senior sales person with an existing portfolio of clients who could make an immediate impact. As a manufacturer of hardwood flooring, they needed someone who already had relationships with builders, designers and architects. Alessia Pagliaroli took on this assignment and made it her mission to find someone who could fill this niche. 

Alessia knew it would be somewhat of a tricky search from the start due to the fact that well-connected salespeople are highly sought after. What’s more, there are candidates who claim to have many connections, but turn out to be exaggerating their relationships. Alessia knows that the key to revealing if somebody is truly well-connected is in asking the right questions. She did just that when screening potential candidates in this search. 

In addition, she knew that in order to attract high level candidates she would have to set the client apart. She amplified the fact that the client was in the midst of building a second manufacturing facility, which is particularly attractive given the current supply chain and inventory issues many companies are facing. 

With this approach, Alessia was successful in finding the ideal candidate for Creative at Home. A well-connected individual with several years of sales experience was placed and was able to hit the ground running. Finding the right fit isn’t a one size fits all approach and at Goldbeck we recognize that tailoring our methods is essential in placing the right candidate.