New Business Development for a Risk Management and Insurance Solutions Company

Finding the perfect candidate has never been simple but searching in a post-pandemic labour market hasn’t made things easier. The task may require a different approach. Some companies spend months searching for the “perfect” candidate only to come up with nothing, as was the case with Iridium Risk Services and their search for a new business development sales candidate. That is when they brought their search to Goldbeck Recruiting. Senior recruiter Jessica Miles took on the process and with a new strategy, landed them their perfect — albeit out of the box — candidate.   

Iridium Risk Services, owned by parent company Navacord, provides risk management and insurance solutions within the oil and gas industry. After a year of searching for a candidate with both insurance and sales experience, they were ready to try something new. Jessica realized that the job description was to gain and manage clients and had little actual insurance brokerage work involved. That led her to a new thought: why not look for candidates outside the insurance labour pool with exceptional sales experience and ongoing relationships within the oil and gas industry? With Iridium Risk Services on board, Jessica was able to provide multiple sales candidates with high-level ties to the industry. Within months, the position was filled.

Oftentimes, taking a step back and looking at the issue from a different perspective can make all the difference. When dealing with recruitment, it never hurts to lean into your recruiter’s expertise and embrace a new type of candidate profile with relevant transferable skills. It may even be the candidate you’re not searching for that fits the best.