Case Study: MedPro Respiratory Care

Nature, Nurture and Creating a Successful Sales Team

Nurturing growth in your sales team is crucial to succeeding in this difficult economic landscape.
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In a crowded market like respiratory services, having a strong sales rep can be the difference between sink or swim. Which is why when Medpro Respiratory Care needed to add another top performing sales rep to their team, they tasked Goldbeck with the challenge of finding someone that could excel in the role. 

Medpro respiratory care specializes in providing sleep apnea services to clients as well as providing respiratory machines to the health authority.  Their sales reps are responsible for forging meaningful relationships with GPs and ultimately getting them to refer their patients to their clinic. When recruiter Jessica Miles began her search she focused on candidates with transferable skills rather than a “perfect match” for good reason. When sales reps switch to a competing company it can cause distrust between them and the physicians they’ve already formed relationships with. Why are they suddenly selling me a different product than what they’ve been promoting for the last two years? To avoid this conflict, sourcing candidates from different, yet similar spaces is often a sound move. 

Jessica focused on candidates that sold in the medical space with similar call points. She found a handful of strong contenders with varied backgrounds, but the client found what they were looking for with a candidate who had never sold in the sleep apnea space before. Despite this, their experience was transferable as they came from selling medical aesthetic equipment to GPs. They knew how to approach physicians and their track record proved it as they met their quota despite the challenges of the pandemic year. Looking outside the box and being open to candidates with different backgrounds often leads to success.