Case Study: Norburn Medical Associates

How Great HR Will Save You Money

A specialized human resources team is integral to reducing employee turnover and saving money in the long term.
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Norburn Medical Associates is a GP practice in Burnaby, B.C. with nearly 35 employees. When their Operations Manager of 25 years was ready to retire, they were left feeling uncertain on how to proceed with hiring a replacement. This is where our recruiter, Karen, stepped in to help them with the hiring process and much more. 

After discussions with the client, it became clear that some HR assistance would be useful. Goldbeck brought in their CPHR consultant, Judy, who was able to create an in depth HR framework for the firm. She succeeded in providing the client clarity on what type of candidate they seeked by establishing the job parameters, the key performance indicators and the behaviours the right candidate would exhibit. By creating these expectations and defining the role, the client felt confident that they would find a suitable replacement. 

The hiring process was unique as it utilized two key measures, a questionnaire based on the job description sent to all applicants and a numerical rating scale during the interview stage. The rating scale ensured that the candidates were judged on the same basis and helped provide continued clarity for the client on what they seeked. In the end, the client found a candidate who possessed the education, skills and behaviours that they were looking for. Goldbeck’s choice to bring in a third party HR consultant allowed the recruitment process to be executed swiftly and provided comfort to the client as it helped them determine what type of candidate they needed.