Case Study: Notch Therapeutics

Working on cutting edge research requires not only top talent, but a coordinated and well managed team. Notch Therapeutics was seeking a Lab Manager who could bring the organizational skills and knowledge necessary to make their new UBC lab a success. Kevin Britton tackled this search and was committed to finding the client exactly what they needed.

Notch Therapeutics’ work focuses on creating an off the shelf T cell therapy so cancer patients aren’t forced to spend thousands of dollars to receive stem cell therapy. Needless to say, it’s important work. Since their research is so significant and complex, they sought a lab manager that was technically savvy, but also had a strong understanding of the logistics that go into running a lab. Kevin invested a lot of time into analyzing potential candidates and after only a few weeks found a handful of suitable contenders. The successful candidate had previously managed a university lab for 15 years and had done stem cell research at a cancer agency in her past. They needed someone capable that could hit the ground running and that’s exactly what was provided.