Case Study: The Bloom Group

Non-Profits Face Challenges Head On

Non-profits face program closures and fundraising complications, not to mention all of the procedural challenges we’re all dealing with.
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The Bloom Group is a not-for-profit organization located in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver that provides housing for low income individuals, end of life care for individuals with addiction and support services for women in crisis. The staff of 10, along with the field workers, strive to build a resilient community where all residents have the support they need to thrive. The organization needed to replace their Director of Finance as they were moving out of the city. Our Recruiter, Karen, took on the task enthusiastically.

Since working for not for profits is so unique, Karen knew that candidates’ direct experience in the not-for-profit sector was a must. After looking through her extensive database, key questions based on the job description were developed and sent to all applicants which allowed for the resume sorting process to be done with ease. The questionnaire acted as a measure since it displayed how the candidates responded to the same questions and showcased their writing skill.

Placements in the not for profit sector can be challenging as the salaries are often lower than that of a similar role in another industry. However, Karen recognized that the strong leadership and open minded and progressive culture of the Bloom Group would be attractive for many candidates. By highlighting these qualities, Goldbeck found many strong candidates which ultimately led to the successful replacement of the Director of Finance for the client. They found a candidate with the right experience who really embraced their organization’s culture.