Case Study: Tilray Cannabis

The cannabis industry is loaded with rules and regulations that could make any person’s head spin. When we were tasked with placing an HR director in the BC-based cannabis extract company Tilray, we knew we would be required to go through strict screening processes when choosing the perfect candidate. Tilray had multiple requirements and preferences in hiring their new director, including: an all-around, comprehensive knowledge of compliance requirements and regulations in the cannabis industry; the ability to supervise a large number of people in multiple locations; and experience in other industries that required a high-level knowledge of Canadian laws surrounding pharmaceuticals and consumables.

When we began our search for this Vancouver Island based company, we started from the inside out – a large number of strong candidates located on the island applied, but unfortunately, only had experience in supervising small business employees in singular locations. We knew then that we would have to expand our search Canada-wide, interviewing candidates in mainland British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

After interviewing multiple strong candidates across the nation, we found the perfect placement in a former senior manager of CP Rail. This candidate had long-standing and well-rounded experience with complex regulations and rules, and was able to quickly wrap her head around the cannabis industry as a result. She was very willing to move from Edmonton to Vancouver Island in order to take the position. After only two months, the search was over.

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