Project Manager for State of the Art Technology Company

Case Study: Triton

A world leader in the underwater logging industry, Triton is a BC based company that specializes in technology design, harvest concession development and logging services. ... Read more
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Victoria-based Triton Timber Group uses state of the art technology to harvest submerged timber and provide environmentally sustainable wood products across the world. It was no surprise when such a unique company required an equally unique candidate for their new project manager.

When Senior Recruiter Alessia Pagliaroli began working with Triton, the two parties were able to put together a specific set of qualifications. They needed someone who had experience with both large scale project management as well as a background in mechanical engineering. Someone local who could oversee remote multimillion dollar projects in locations such as Africa and Central America while also commuting to Victoria at least once a week. A candidate who went beyond management and truly understood the technology behind the projects.

Even with all the specific requirements, finding the candidate wasn’t the challenge. In fact, by thinking creatively, Alessia was able to quickly find someone who fit quite well. The true obstacle was that the candidate had completely shifted career paths several years back, having swapped the engineering world for the film industry. Alessia was not deterred. Allowing her gut instinct to guide her, she reached out to them anyway and in a serendipitous turn of events, found that not only were they interested in the position but had also very recently decided to leave the film industry behind.

Though the search presented its own set of challenges, with a little bit of creative thinking, Alessia was able to help Triton Timber find exactly who they were looking for within just a few months of searching.