Case Study: Vibra-Sonic Control

Set The Conditions For Sales Success

After a hard year, bolstering the spirits of your sales team is a worthy investment that will pay dividends.
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Image shown: When a 60 lb kettlebell dropped from knee height was enough to rattle the windows of the retail tenant below, this popular fitness centre solved the problem with a floating floor. (Photo: Vibra-Sonic Control)

Vibra-Sonic Control is Western Canada’s leader in solving noise and vibration challenges by providing vibration isolation products and sound masking systems. They reached out to Goldbeck for assistance in filling a sales role. Of course they needed someone capable of doing the job well, but as a tight-knit company they really valued finding someone who fit in well with the team and appreciated their approach to business. Goldbeck recruiter Alessia Pagliaroli understood what the client was after and embraced this assignment.

This sales position required not only strong sales ability, but a technical background as very specialized products were being sold. Finding a sales person with a technical background can be difficult as those with a more applied background often have a different approach to communication which doesn’t always pair well with sales. However, with Alessia’s experience recruiting for this type of role she knows the importance of having in-depth conversations with potential candidates as it reveals their communication style. During this search, she invested significant time with several top candidates where she asked them key questions about the client’s products and services.

Through this approach, Alessia found a candidate from an aerospace company who was responsible for communicating with and training customers. He possessed the right background despite being younger and was eager to grow with the company. He fit in well with the team and was ultimately hired. Taking the time to really get to know potential candidates is often needed for a successful placement.