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Europcell Case Study

Europcell is a paper distributor based in Hanau, Germany, sourcing and supplying wood pulp, paper and board products around the world. Goldbeck Recruiting was tasked with placing a remote global director position in Asia in November of 2019. We got to know the client incredibly well before embarking on this task, learning how to precisely and professionally speak the language required of us in this particular sector. 

Europcell required a candidate with a strong sales and chemical background, the ability to communicate effectively with C-Level executives, and to be able to take the business as a self-starter and do well on their own. Not only does Europcell do sales, they are also the main relationship holder with their suppliers — therefore, the candidate needed to be trusted by all of them, and to be able to sell effectively to the end customers.

After meticulously combing through over 7,000 profiles, 50 considerations and 20 interviews, Goldbeck sent 6 candidates to Europcell, leading them to finding the perfect placement based in Singapore and flying him out to Germany for an in-person interview before successfully having him hired on as a global director at Europcell.