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Elite sales hires have the potential to revolutionize any team. From top shelf sales managers to record setting sales representatives, Goldbeck has a long record of finding—and placing—diamonds in the rough. Since 1997, Goldbeck Recruiting has placed talented sales experts across various industries, helping companies in Canada and abroad take their sales performance to the next level. From Sales Manager recruitment for industrial applications to Sales Representative placement in life sciences or biotech, our team excels in discerning the nuanced requirements of each industry, each company, and each role. We take this task seriously and, just like sales, we share in your success.

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Whitepaper: The Evolution of Engagement

Our team’s industry knowledge is as expansive as our decades of collaborative recruitment. By working closely with industry thought leaders, we prepare cutting edge white papers to help businesses forecast. Our latest, concerning sales across manufacturing, construction and automation in a COVID-19 world, is available here.

Sales Recruitment Case Studies

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Jessica Miles

Jessica Miles, Senior Recruiter in Sales Recruitment Vancouver Branch

Jessica specializes in finding top talent for tough to fill sales positions across various sectors such as Production & Operations, Oil & Gas and Industrial sales.

Alessia Pagliaroli

Alessia Pagliaroli, Senior Recruiter

Alessia brings over a decade of recruiting experience across all sales industries, specializing in Technology & IT.

Disruptions caused by COVID-19 provide impetus for accelerating the fourth industrial revolution and retooling and retraining the workforce.
Manufacturing Sales

In manufacturing, the best salespeople can balance empathy with ambition to cultivate long term relationships in an ever-expanding client base. Our team at Goldbeck Recruiting takes an interdisciplinary approach to placements in manufacturing sales roles, only recommending tenacious candidates that demonstrate extensive industry-specific product knowledge.

B2B Sales

B2B sales require the cultivation of dynamic, engaging relationships that yield purpose-built client solutions. B2B sales representatives should bring creativity, perseverance, and an authentic interest in clients’ needs. Goldbeck’s high value B2B sales candidates make use of these traits to close high value deals, breaking sales records along the way.

Agriculture and forestry have a serious PR problem. But luckily, a solution is within reach.
Industrial Sales

Goldbeck has a long history and vast networks within Canadian industrial sectors—having placed dozens of elite industrial sales candidates over the past 20 years—so we know a thing or two about role requirements. You’re looking for someone innovative, high performing, and efficient at developing and opening new accounts. Luckily, we’ve got just the candidate for you.

Consumer Wholesale

Consumer wholesale sales leads and reps must have one focus at heart: the consumer. Their specialty? Customer acquisition. Their drive? Finding new and innovative ways to break sales records, quarter after quarter. Their goal? Growing your company’s consumer base. Their contact info? We have it. Give us a call.

Understanding the sales funnel and effectively utilizing technology in the strategy process are among the traits of valuable sales leaders.
Software, SAAS & Technology

Software and SaaS sales are contingent upon the cultivation of long term relationships. Goldbeck has placed dozens of affable, knowledgeable sales experts in SaaS that live by that fact; they know that when a customer buys into your product, they are buying into your company. Goldbeck Recruiting will find an expert sales hire that can build and preserve those relationships long term.

New challenges and evolving technologies prompt a spirit of scientific collaboration in the life sciences. Examining the DNA of cooperation.
Life Sciences & Biotech Sales

Life Sciences and Biotech industries are all about innovation and your sales team should be too—especially as North America faces a rapidly aging population. Don’t bother searching job boards for candidates; hire top industry talent from the comfort of the Goldbeck boardroom.

Global Search Capability

Our search capabilities stretch far beyond Canadian sales recruitment; ask us about our networks of international sales candidates.

Contingency Recruitment

Like any good sales team, a win for one is a win for all. Our fee is contingent upon the successful placement of your elite sales candidate and their fit is guaranteed.

Goldbeck: Sales Recruiting Expert

Recruiting, like sales, is all about relationships and Goldbeck’s boardroom has played host to the Sales industry’s top-tier talent for over two decades. Those years of our executive search team’s collaborative, client-focused search strategies have created expansive networks of the Sales industry’s most valuable talent, both in the Lower Mainland and beyond.

In an increasingly competitive market, Goldbeck relies on thorough and efficient processes to locate high quality candidates and place them with speed. We excel in recruitments across varied Sales sectors, including Sales and Marketing, Senior, Specialty, and Technical Sales, and Sales Management, both mid-level and Executive. Our goal is to facilitate connections between our clients and the top industry talent that is precisely suited to their needs, placing an emphasis on both record-breaking sales numbers and compatibility of values, beliefs, and communication styles. This is important to employees, too—according to FirstRound’s 2019 survey, only 1 in 10 employees in start-up businesses felt that compensation was the primary reason for them to accept a position. Meanwhile, 40% of respondents felt that the company’s mission was key and 55% noted their ability to make an impact at their company, driving sales targets and setting new records.1

Our excellent track record in placing high quality Sales candidates with our clients speaks for itself. But it also speaks to the expansive, nuanced industry knowledge held by Goldbeck’s executive search team. Candidates selected to be presented to our clients have been well vetted by the Goldbeck team, making client introductions and hires as simple and efficient as can be. This is an important goal, given the increasing difficulty of finding and securing top performing sales executives. According to FirstRound, a staggering 28.6% of respondents to their 2019 survey stated that finding a sales executive was the most difficult hire they’d made, leading other categories like engineering executives by at least 5%.1 This number is up from 27.3% the previous year, suggesting a growing trend.

All of these are ideas we seek to share with our clients as we approach the recruitment process—we want to demonstrate the importance of choosing the right sales recruitment agencies to best meet the unique needs of a given position. Regrettably, this is not as simple as keyword searching “sales recruiters near me.” In our opinion, not even search terms with more specificity, like “medical device recruiter” or “medical sales recruiters near me,” will do the trick. This is a business in which relationships remain absolutely integral so that search will only get you part way there. At Goldbeck, a personal investment from our team is a given; we want the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge in action because the fact is, not all sales and marketing recruitment agencies, nor all medical sales recruitment agencies, nor all IT sales recruitment agencies are made equally.

After all, securing talent which will drive explosive and sustained growth in a given industry requires partnering with a specific type of recruitment agency: one with demonstrated successes. Our process is purpose-built to meet the needs of each of our clients. We start by building a clear picture of corporate objectives to ensure a thorough understanding of company strategies, culture and goals. This is key to identifying the right candidates in our preliminary phases. Then, we search, leaving no stone unturned as we compare possible candidates against the ideal profile we’ve created in collaboration with the client, whittling down the list to retain only top-choice talent. We use industry-leading technologies to guide these processes, ensuring each is treated with objective-focused rigour. These technologies are immensely powerful tools in the hands of a talented sales headhunter, allowing for the automated verification of disclosed track records, psychometric profiling to infer a candidate’s personality, as well as role playing scenarios to test candidate’s behaviours in complicated situations. All of these tests and assessments give us a clear picture of the best candidates so that, by the time we recommend our favourites to our clients, we are totally confident in a successful outcome—not only in terms of a general compatibility, but in terms of a track record likely to exceed client goals.

Because, ultimately, while recruiting and sales are both all about relationships, sales is also about making those record-breaking and goal-shattering deals.

In our experience working as sales recruitment consultants and as a sales executive search firm, we’ve met the best of the best—and we’ve placed the best of the best. Since 1997, Goldbeck, we’ve placed sales executives and account executives, sales managers and sales VP’s; we’ve built out entire sales teams in the long-term partnerships we’ve forged with our clients. All of those placements are intended to do one thing: perform. The funny thing about track records in the sales recruiter business is that our success is our client’s success, and we are deeply invested in seeing our clients succeed. Finding precisely the right match is what drives us and you can tell we love what we do because we’re so good at it. Give us a call and let’s get to work finding your perfect sales executive.

1. First Round State of Startups 2019. Accessed 19 Aug. 2020.

Our Experience as a Leading Sales Recruitment Agency in Vancouver

Our sales recruiters focuses on permanent placements for: account managers, sales representatives, sales directors, business development and more.

As the top sales recruitment firm in Vancouver, Goldbeck has a lot of experience in this area. Here are just a few past job placements that have been covered by our sales recruitment team at Goldbeck:

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