Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from Jobseekers

Yes, we would love to help you to secure employment. We are always on the lookout for jobseekers to help fill our current positions and any future positions that we secure from our clients. 

We would ask you to review the job postings on our website, to sign up for job alerts and to submit your resume to us. We review each and every resume that is submitted. If our recruiters think that there would be a good fit for the role you have applied for, or any other role we are looking to fill, they will reach out and start next steps.

Recruiters in Canada are paid by employers and it is illegal to charge a candidate to secure them employment. Most of our efforts will go towards live searches that we are actively working on for our clients. If we don’t have a position that is a good fit for you right now, we will keep your resume in our database. You might not hear from us if we don’t have a fit right now, so please review the website regularly and apply for positions as you see fit. We would love to place you in your perfect role.

No, you would have to contact an immigration lawyer to help you with this process or refer to the Canadian government website for more information. We are normally only able to work with you if you are already located in Canada with a valid work permit.

In most cases we will only consider you as a candidate if you are in Canada. The occasions that we recruit outside Canada are with the permission of our employer client after all local and national searches are unsuccessful.  On our website the specific job postings will state clearly in the cases that we will accept international candidates. In these exceptions we will work with you, the employer and our immigration lawyer to research the viability of required visas.

We only share your resume with a client with your prior knowledge and approval. We will also be as transparent as possible with you and, in most cases, share the name of the potential employer with you.

No, there will never be any charges to a jobseeker from Goldbeck Recruiting. It is illegal to charge candidates for recruiting services in Canada.

Please note that there have been reports of firms that charge candidates thousands of dollars with indirect promises of a hidden job market, please be vigilant as these companies are not legitimate.

Yes, we encourage you to do whatever it takes to secure your next role and working with multiple recruiters should increase your chances of securing employment. On occasion there might be more than one recruiting firm working on a particular position and in this case, we would recommend that you only work with one recruiter for that position.

We rarely place international candidates in positions in Canada as employers typically prefer to hire local talent first. We would advise you to organize your visa and flights before applying for a position.

We would love to speak to every candidate but this is unfortunately not feasible with the number of resumes we receive. In most cases you will only speak to a recruiter personally if we think there’s a good fit for a role we are actively trying to fill. Although we would love to place everyone in their perfect role, we know this is unrealistic and we wish you the best in your job search whether we are involved or not.

Once our recruiters think there is a good fit for a candidate, they will do everything they can to help give candidates the best chance at securing the position. There are no additional fees charged for this support.

If we have a position that we are looking to fill and the employer is open to assisting with relocation, then yes. If you are already moving within Canada, then we will consider you alongside local candidates.

We always post our current positions on our website, please see all of our current roles here.

We hire across all industries, with a focus on Sales & Marketing, Construction & Engineering, Production & Operations, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Software & IT.

We typically hire for mid-level to senior management and up to executive roles, and on occasion we hire for more junior positions.

We rarely recruit for temporary positions, however occasionally we will recruit for longer term contract positions such as maternity leave and other similar positions.

We rarely recruit recent graduates, usually the positions we hire for require a certain level of professional experience. However, on occasion we would have a more junior role that would suit recent graduates.

We do fill positions in the USA, Europe, Asia and across the globe, however usually these roles will be filled with local talent.


Questions from Employers

We see recruiting for our clients as a collaborative process. We conduct a thorough intake call with all our clients to make sure we fully understand the details of the position you would like us to fill according to your requirements. Using direct headhunting, our researchers then begin searching for candidates with the right fit.

Once we have sourced and thoroughly interviewed candidates, we will share these with you and ask for critical feedback. From this feedback we will then adjust and fine tune our search further. This fine-tuning process continues until we have found you the perfect candidate.

Our goal is to send the first qualified candidates that match your criteria within 2 weeks. This gives our team time to ensure they are sending quality resumes that match the criteria.

Client confidentiality is one of the core values of our business and we ensure that any information shared with us is held in the utmost confidence. In a normal search the client name is not revealed until we have completed a full interview to determine qualification & fit. 

In more sensitive searches we adjust our approach in consultation with the employer.

Please reach out to our CEO Henry Goldbeck who can put together a personalized quote for you.

You can Reach Henry on 604 684 1428 x102 or [email protected]

Our fees are all inclusive and includes the time of the researchers, your assigned specialist recruiter, access to our network of candidates, pre-screening of candidates, presentation of candidates, reference checking, salary assessments, job description editing, interview consultations, job assessment tools and the use of our office spaces for interviews. 

To add value and to ensure the success of the placement our HR consultant Judy Slutsky CPHR is available with each placement to support onboarding, performance management and other Human Resources support.

Our standard payment terms are 30 days after the hired candidate has started work. If exceptions are required, please discuss with our Business Development Manager when asking for a quote. There are no fees owing if we are unsuccessful finding a suitable candidate.

Yes, we can help you to build your remote team. We have access to a wide network of candidates who have the ability to work remotely from anywhere and begin to integrate into your team.

Yes, please get in touch with us on 604 684 1428 and ask for either Henry Goldbeck, President & CEO or Will Goldbeck, Business Development Manager. We would be delighted to speak with you.

Yes, included as part of our service we conduct all reference and any necessary background checks required as part of the recruiting process. You will receive written transcripts of all references and background checks, our goal is to be as thorough as possible.

Yes, we can arrange psychometric testing suitable for the role that you are looking to fill. The testing would depend on the type and seniority of the role.

We recruit for all types of sales positions. In terms of commission only sales positions, please reach out to Henry Goldbeck to discuss in further detail.

We interview all candidates thoroughly and usually we would meet all shortlisted candidates in person, however with the current COVID 19 emergency and in the interest of safety, we have been utilizing video conferencing to conduct most of our interviews instead.

Yes we can. We help many of our clients with their succession planning at all levels of organization, whether this be a more informal discussions between our CEO and recruiters or in a more formal HR engaged discussion. For example, this could be finding a suitable replacement for an owner-run business who is looking to retire and appoint a General Manager as part of an exit strategy, or it could be replacing a Vice President with a successor external to the company.

We believe that succession planning should be talked about at an early stage as this gives you the time to plan carefully and develop the right approach. Please reach out to us if you would like to discuss.

We rarely hire for temporary positions, however occasionally we would hire for short-term positions such as maternity cover and for some contract positions.

To add value and to ensure the success of the placement our HR consultant Judy Slutsky CPHR is available with each placement to support onboarding, performance management and other Human Resources support. We also offer Human Resource consultation as a standalone service.

Please get in touch with us and reach out to our CEO Henry Goldbeck, or our Business Development Manager, Will Goldbeck who can put together a personalized quote for you.

You can Reach Henry on 604 684 1428 x102 or [email protected]
You can reach Will on 604 684 1428 x103 or [email protected]

You can also can use our RFQ page. We will get a quote back to you within 24 hours.

No, it is a company policy to never actively recruit from a clients own staff members, we want to ensure that we earn a relationship built on respect, trust and transparency with our clients.