Are You Ready for a Thriving Career in Engineering?


Engineering remains one of the most desirable careers going into 2018. The number of engineers contributing to our workplace has grown over the last few years, adding over 7200 job opportunities in this field. 1

From the moment you wake up to your day-to-day routine everything around you is designed, built, and maintained by engineers. Specializing in different designations, engineers are the foundation of the solutions to our problems. Generally stated, the engineering industry is wide open to every interest.2

Kevin our Senior Recruiter specializes in engineering and has filled position for his clients in large organizations including, The Gisborne Group, Ridley Terminals, West Fraser and Texcan. For potential job opportunities in Engineering, sign up for our job alerts or check out our  Engineering Job Postings.

So, what are the top engineering jobs for 2018?  Here are 5 engineering jobs that we picked in a random order that might stand out to you when considering a new career, or career change in engineering. Instead of hoping for the doors to open up for you, take the plunge and consider sourcing talent ahead of time, here is how you can Jump Start your Engineering Talent War.

Demand in the Energy Sector

Petroleum Engineers are experts on the behavior of water, oil and gas at high pressures. They work with the production of crude oil or natural gas and estimate the suitability of potential drilling sites. Petroleum engineers are in great demand in the energy sector with an average salary of $95,795 CND in Canada and $100,562 USD in The United States.3

Technology & Design Process

Chemical engineers work with chemicals, materials and energy sources, focusing on transforming the chemicals into usable products like plastics and other synthetics. Chemical engineers influence areas of technology and design processes to produce, transform and transport materials. They use knowledge in economics and strong understanding in science and mathematics. The average salary for a Chemical engineer is $66,345 CND in Canada and $72,875 USD in The United States.

Innovation & Design

Aerospace engineers are a mix of engineers in aerodynamics, avionics and propulsion. Aerospace engineers develop and maintain aircraft and spacecraft. Because of the complex nature of this field many engineers work together to design, implement and innovate. They assess proposals and financial feasibility, testing design and the quality and safety of projects being designed. Aerospace engineers can be used by aerospace companies or high-end automobile companies who specialize in engines. The average salary for an aerospace engineer is $72,191 CND in Canada and $82,225 USD in The United States.

Machinery & Tools

Biomedical engineers are the brains behind machinery and tools that diagnose and monitor changing health needs. Biomedical engineers are the bridge between medicine and conventional engineering. This is a competitive market with an average salary of $57,748 CND in Canada and $64,038 USD in The United States.

Function & Performance

Design engineers manage the product and building that will focus on function and performance and not the aesthetics. Individuals in this field may need design experience, however; engineering software such as CAD is a tool used often to prepare designs. Job opportunities in architecture firms and engineer firms are available for engineers with an average salary of $64,098 CND in Canada and $65,669 USD in The United States.


If your company is looking to fill a job in the Engineering sector please contact Kevin EPP, Senior recruiter at [email protected] or check out his company profile for more information on his experience and skills Senior Recruiter, Kevin Epp.



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