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The State of Harassment

Posted on March 21st, by Jessica Miles in Human Resources, In The Media, Workplace Wellness. No Comments

Nobody launches their career anticipating any type of harassment – even though it’s shockingly prevalent in Canada’s workplaces.

According to a 2016 Statistics Canada Report, “Nineteen percent of women and thirteen percent of men reported that they had experienced harassment in their workplace in the past year. Workplace harassment includes verbal abuse, humiliating behaviour, threats … Read More »

Partnerships and Employee Engagement

Posted on March 20th, by Jessica Miles in Finance, HR Management, Human Resources, Recruitment. No Comments

Partnerships and Employee Engagement

Today’s employees live in a world of added workplace incentives. From free yoga classes to flex hours, traditional health benefits aren’t appreciated as they once were. Additional perks like RRSP-matching, stock options and commissions are used as tools by companies to recruit top talent. This strategy is commonplace in Canada, where we’re … Read More »

Operations Manager Spotlight: Evolving Expectations

Posted on March 18th, by Alessia Pagliaroli in Career Development, HR Management, Human Resources, Job Search, Recruitment. Comments Off on Operations Manager Spotlight: Evolving Expectations

As recruiters, we are constantly communicating with companies looking to scout candidates as well as with potential employees who, in turn, are sizing up prospective employers. Our unique position in the middle of this marketplace affords us a bird’s eye view of the emerging trends and evolving “wants” on both sides of the dynamic.

When considering … Read More »

Workplace Games: Gamification Nets Results for HR

Posted on March 15th, by Henry Goldbeck in Henry Goldbeck, HR Management, Human Resources. Comments Off on Workplace Games: Gamification Nets Results for HR

When I was in kindergarten, our teacher used to have us play a game called ‘Feed the Pelican’. She would distribute little cardboard fish featuring basic math problems or reading challenges. Students who correctly answered the question written on their fish were afforded the opportunity to walk to the front of the class and deposit … Read More »

The Ever-Evolving Role of Financial Leadership

Posted on February 27th, by Karen Epp in Finance, HR Management, Karen Epp. Comments Off on The Ever-Evolving Role of Financial Leadership

It’s 2019 and you need financial leadership. The hidden costs of not having a financial helmsman (or helmswoman) tend to stack up – from unoptimized pricing of products and services to revealing the lopsided cost-benefit of maintaining a bad client. You need someone who is able to identify the areas of your business that aren’t … Read More »