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Defining and Shaping Company Culture

Posted on May 21st, by Alessia Pagliaroli in Human Resources, Leadership, Recruitment, Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on Defining and Shaping Company Culture

Organizational culture is somewhat of a fat term. Every organization, of course, has its own culture and although culture plays a major role in the group’s success, or lack thereof, we often struggle to define it. When it comes to the workplace, what is organizational culture, how is it formed, what impact does it have … Read More »

Importance of Company Culture

Posted on May 18th, by Henry Goldbeck in Workplace Wellness. Comments Off on Importance of Company Culture

Peter Drucker said: “Organizational culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

And it is still true.  Culture is like the corporate subconscious.  As an individual you may want to change things, or be a certain way, but subconscious will determine how you really think, act and are.

Corporate culture will determine how much people really care about customers, corporate mission, co workers, their future … Read More »

Winning Combinations

Posted on May 8th, by Henry Goldbeck in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing. Comments Off on Winning Combinations

Last week, I attended a webcast seminar, “A Winning Combination: Align employer, consumer, and corporate brands for success”, offered by LinkedIn. 

The webcast presentation made 3 great points very well:

-The experience of candidates applying to work at a company can affect the brand

-The importance of the employee culture and the stories that represent that culture

-Testimonials or promotion of the … Read More »

Women: More Honest and Hardworking?

Posted on April 30th, by Lougie in Leadership, Recruitment. Comments Off on Women: More Honest and Hardworking?

What’s the workplace really like? A new survey claims women are working their tails off… and men are more likely to play hooky.
According to a survey of 5,000 U.S. employees performed by theFIt.com, 54% of women report working nine or more hours a day, compared to 41% of men.
And, at least in one aspect, women … Read More »