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The Best Tips for Hiring Engineers

Posted on March 14th, by Kevin Leh in Engineering. Comments Off on The Best Tips for Hiring Engineers

Engineers of all stripes are in high demand. From start-ups to well-established companies, engineers have an embarrassment of choice when it comes to selecting their employer, especially in the construction industry.

That means HR and hiring managers need to use surgical and precision-like practices to secure the best hires for their company’s needs. The good news is that today’s engineering graduates seeking work in construction are more at ease with certain targeted technologies of the trade. However, while knowledgeable about the tools, they may lack other practical skills that come with experience.

So, what should HR and hiring managers do?

  • Companies often spend a lot of time and money training engineers that they hire. Ensure the candidates you are talking to are in it for the long haul. The candidate should have an inclination for the type of product or construction niche that company is involved in, and should have the right thinking that aligns with the goals of the employer.
  • Employers should first consider internal employees. Using referrals from within the organization can provide a wealth of candidates without the “hassle” of further outreach or recruitment.
  • Sometimes employers need to adjust to the candidate’s skills and experience rather than fitting the person into a specified position. If you find someone you think would be a great asset to your company but doesn’t exactly fit into the current job description, make a new position for them.
  • Post-process interviews with all candidates (those that accepted or not) can help you better understand your own failings and why candidates have turned down positions with your company.
  • Take a look at response times. Because it’s a buyer’s market for engineering graduates, time may not be on your side when the candidate has multiple offers. Minimize response times and monitor your hiring manager’s response time to prospective candidates.
  • A centralized hiring process helps maintain consistency, which in turn can help recruit talented personnel who fit the organization. In smaller organizations, business owners often make hiring decisions. Having one or two points of contact throughout the process makes it more efficient and allows for a more cohesive hiring strategy.

Process is important, as people will make decisions based on gut or instincts. A smooth process that is respectful of the potential recruit will make the hiring manager’s job easy, but more importantly, help them find the right candidates in a more timely fashion.





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Kevin Leh

Engineering & Operations Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.
Kevin Leh is the Operations and Engineering Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc and brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team with a niche focus in technical positions within civil and commercial construction, logistics and industrial manufacturing industries.

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