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Zongshen Works With Goldbeck Recruiting To Fly Higher

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Zongshen is a Chinese engineering firm specializing in manufacturing vehicles like motorcycles, ATVs, tractors and more. With a yearly output of over 1 million motorcycles in 2015, Zongshen is

Kevin Leh – Senior Engineering Recruiter

among the top five motorcycle manufacturers in China, and partner to brands like Harley Davidson and Piaggio. Over 30% of the company’s motorcycles are exported and sold across the world in countries like the United Kingdom, Spain, Russia, and North America.

Zongshen’s founder, Zuo Zongshen has even been featured in a documentary called “China Rises” that was produced by Discovery Channel and CBC.

The insatiable need of China to grow has nurtured an industrial environment where only the fittest survive. This prompted Zongshen to expand into the market of light aircraft engines.

Zongshen along with their European consultants approached us with a need for an engineer with experience in lightweight aircrafts who would be willing to move to China, a challenging yet exciting opportunity for us. Zongshen required the candidate meet certain criteria like previous experience in working with light aircraft engine development and have knowledge about the Asian market with terms of suppliers and raw material availability in the region. As a global recruiter, we had the right tools and a team of dedicated recruiters to tackle this challenge for Zongshen.

Kevin Leh, our senior Engineering recruiter after some months of comprehensive search with some help of our NPA partners was able to find the right person. After numerous interviews over Skype and flying the candidate in and out, an offer was made. The selected candidate was a perfect match with years of experience in similar product engineering in both Europe and Asia.

In my years of recruiting, I have worked with multiple companies in the past but Goldbeck Recruiting is without a doubt the best one I worked with. The search wasn’t easy but our team exceeded our expectations with a search that spanned across the globe and we were able to hire one of the only   50 or so eligible candidates. Goldbeck Recruiting was very responsive in all communications, be it email or conference calls. – Stefano Bicchielli

This placement would be another notch on our ever-growing belt of international hires. In a global economy of 2015, it is almost inevitable to serve the global market in one way or another.

While difficult, the search was fruitful and couldn’t have been possible without our NPA partners and as we move into 2016 and a more globalized economy, we aim to expand Goldbeck Recruiting internationally by serving twice the number of international clients.

In a digital world like ours, today it takes barely any effort to conduct operations globally with help of tools like Skype, emails and teleconferencing. With a team of global recruiters and NPA partners allows us to tap into any market.

We are extremely happy to work with clients like Zongshen and look forward to working with them again.

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