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Director of Finance and Operations
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Job Profile Growing private school  requires a Director of Finance and Operations to join their leadership team.  Wonderful opportunity for a CPA to expand leadership beyond finance to include management of operations.  Upcoming Capital Campaign for large build project is an exciting challenge for this leader.  Responsible for finance, accounting, budget preparation and control, HR, purchasing, facilities and transportation.  You are an innovator and inspiration to your team.



  • Supervise and direct a Controller and all other non-teaching support staff employed in the business and operational activities of the school
  • Develop and implement the overall administrative and financial policies, goals and objectives of the school in conjunction with the Board
  • Attend school, Board and Board sub-committee meetings, including Audit and Finance Committee meetings as well as public meetings concerning the school
  • Prepare and execute contracts, loans or agreements and arrange for safe keeping of all official records and documents
  • Act as signing authority of the school

Business Management

  • Organize and manage all business affairs of the school in accordance with the law and school policy
  • Establish and maintain proper and adequate records and accounting procedures for all financial transactions
  • Prepare reports, including recommendations on policies and procedures with regard to budget preparation and control, inventory management, financial management, purchasing, accounting, insurance, student transportation, building and grounds maintenance and other similar administrative and financial matters
  • Plan, advise and recommend on all aspects of business administration and on any matters likely to affect present or future responsibilities of the school or of its employees
  • Train and supervise all business and operations staff and allocate their duties for the most efficient operations of the school
  • Confer frequently and freely with the Head of School and management team on all matters of concern regarding the school’s business and operational affairs

Strategic Planning

  • Assist the Head of School and Foundation Board in long-term planning
  • Establish 5-year financial projections
  • Determine effective organizational structures to accomplish financial and operational tasks

Financial Planning

  • Assist the Head of School in long-term planning and financial projections
  • Manage preparation of annual school budget
  • Establish annual fee structures to present for Board approval
  • Prepare financial projections for future projects
  • Research appropriate funding sources
  • Liaise with Foundation and provide financial recommendations

Financial Management

  • Manage cash, including the timing of disbursements and investment of surplus balances
  • Provide timely reporting to management on the school budget
  • Direct business office functions including accounting, payroll, purchasing, billing, receivables, payables, GST rebates, charitable donation receipts
  • Manage restricted funds, Equipment leases
  • Monitor bank covenants
  • Identify and explore cost savings measures
  • Manage and safeguard assets

Financial Reporting

  • Prepare quarterly financial statements for the Board of Governors and Bank
  • Review quarterly financial statements with the Audit and Finance Committee of the Board of Governors
  • Direct participation in benchmark reporting with appropriate school associations


  • Vet contractors and maintain contracts for facilities maintenance, improvements and new construction e.g. custodial, mechanical systems, electrical systems, fire systems, security, elevators, landscaping, waste removal, recycling, and general construction
  • Supervise maintenance manager and maintenance routines
  • Ensure security of facilities
  • Manage facility rentals
  • Manage parking areas
  • Ensure effective use of technology with respect to data management and accounting


  • Oversee the scheduling and ongoing maintenance of the buses currently owned by the school
  • Oversee semi-annual certification of the school buses and annual insurance
  • Manage the school bus program with an outside service provider
  • Ensure the board approved transportation policy is adhered to

Human Resources

  • Direct the HR function
  • Establish, with the Head of School, compensation schemes for all staff
  • Ensure that benefit packages are appropriate to the needs of the school
  • Interact with benefit providers and consultants

Risk Management

  • Ensure that the school’s facilities insurance is appropriate for the needs of the school
  • Create and maintain policies and procedures that minimize exposure to risk
  • Record and act on any safety issues brought up by staff

Contract Management

  • Manage all contracts including IT, communications, facilities maintenance, construction, equipment leases, insurance, business office software, transportation, food services, audit, payroll and benefits, property management, security, etc.


  • CPA designation with minimum of five years in senior financial leadership role managing a team
  • Ideal candidate will have some experience to not-for-profit institution including understanding tax issues as they relate to not-for-profit
  • Strong management and leadership skills
  • Self-motivated, self-directed and disposed to taking initiative
  • Strong interpersonal skills including relationship building
  • Able to direct and manage various trades and service providers
  • Collaborative with the senior leadership team and Governors
  • Basic knowledge of permitting requirements for building improvement would be an asset
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical systems and construction would be an asset
  • Fluent in English
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of a busy educational environment


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Karen Epp


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