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President, Industrial
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Our client is a leading supplier of industrial equipment to a variety of customers, from industrial plants, oil sands, mining, etc. on a global scale. They are currently looking for a new President who will be responsible for the overall operation of the Company. The President provides strong leadership to the workforce by leading by example, communicating, and embodying the values of the Company, and holding a high standard for quality. The President must encourage and demonstrate exceptional salesmanship practices and ensure that requirements are met by supporting each department, mentoring leaders, supporting efficient manufacturing processes, and facilitating the sales.

This is a long-term opportunity offering the chance to work for a well-known organization that is going through significant growth and improvement.

The job description and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Manage budgets, ensure cost-effective operation, and appropriate allocation of resources.
  • Accountable to Shareholders and Stakeholders on behalf of the overall organization.
  • Constant understanding of the current state of affairs; internal operations, external impact, and changes in law, industry, and market.
  • Encourage investment; act as a visionary to promote buy-in from the staff, create a clear vision for the future, support innovation, and attract, and retain top talent.
  • Ensure the business is operating within legal and ethical boundaries, supporting the reputation of the company as an honest, ethical and trustworthy business.

Communication and Leadership

  • Lead by example; hire, train, support, direct, and mentor staff. Promote individual learning and growth with the intent to develop strong leadership.
  • Host regular touchpoints with the Management team; collaborate to improve transparency, maximize efficiencies and communication, develop effective inputs and outputs, and drive sales.
  • Provide Stakeholders (Customers, Vendors, Internal Teams, etc.) with accurate, knowledgeable information concerning represented products and their suitability to the company.
  • Teach exceptional salesmanship practices; encourage personal development, provide access to training, and support corporate growth.
  • Signing authority for the company.
  • Work closely with HR to ensure appropriate staffing levels
    • Participate in recruiting, support quality hiring efforts
    • Hiring and Termination decision authority
    • Promote retention; encourage growth and training, communicate staff concerns, etc.


  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities to ensure appropriate workload management, and successful completion of projects.
  • Review, support, and assist with the development and maintenance of corporate projects and sales deliverables through the Management team.
  • Encourage teamwork, collaboration, and establish redundancy.
  • Review and approve:
    • contractual agreements such as terms and conditions as required
    • purchase of high-ticket items including software, equipment, and infrastructure.
    • hiring and termination decisions


  • Encourage and participate in “lessons learned’ sessions (as it relates to the Management team) to ensure understanding, proper corrective action, and to mitigate future risks.
  • Active participation in the development and maintenance of the QMS; ensure processes and procedures are in line with the company needs.
  • Develop and execute initiatives in line the corporate vision.

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Alessia Pagliaroli

Senior Recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc.

Alessia takes a consultative approach with all her placements. She feels that, as a recruitment specialist, she is the “eyes and ears of the market” for both the client and candidate. She enjoys bringing value to her clients by being completely transparent, knowing the industry, and providing a competitive point of view.

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