Canadian Women in Public Relations Event

Some of our Goldbeck team members attended The Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations event yesterday at The University Women’s Club of Vancouver. Thank you to all the speakers and organizers for their immense efforts to ensure women get that seat at the board table.

In particular, we learned about branding for professionals and companies. The best advice was to keep things personal and authentic, because audiences respond better to personalized attributes.

Authenticity was the common denominator for all the speakers. The importance of client representation was deemed crucial. It is necessary for the PR Professionals to understand what message their clients are trying to demonstrate. In order to be effective in any business, it is essential to trust your clients and the principles they stand for.

From left to right: Julia Sustakova, Ana Dumont, Jessica Miles and Alessia Pagliaroli


From left to right: Ana Dumont, Julia Sustakova, Alessia Pagliaroli and Jessica Miles