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Disrupt HR YVR

Last Tuesday, September 19, Alessia and I attended our second DisruptHR event where ideas, information, and experiences were beautifully shared in order to inspire and empower the audience. The speakers talked about diversity in the workplace, ways to improve the recruitment process and how to engage and motivate employees. The topics were diverse but in the end all the talkers shared one common belief: caring for the people you work for and with is crucial for achieving success. The following quote was shared by one of the speakers and it is a great representation of the general idea behind all the speeches.

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you”, Dale Carnegie.

The speakers:

  • Shandele Cruickshank (Senior Talent Acquisition) and Dawn Farahani (Senior Manager) from Colliers International
  • Jordan Bower (Transformational Storytelling)
  • Johanna Hudson (Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition) from Aritzia
  • Hussain Dhanani (Product Manager) from Bench Accounting
  • Paschal Okwundu (intern) from RBC
  • Stacey Rodgers (Organizational Development Specialist) from WestJet
  • Jeff Smith (Chief Operating Officer) from Mobify