Goldbeck Now a Proud Canadian Affiliate of InHunt World Network

With members in 47 countries, the network provides Goldbeck clients with an enhanced reach that stretches well beyond Canadian borders.

Goldbeck Recruiting is proud to be a member of the InHunt World International Network. Founded by the InHunt Group, Finland’s biggest headhunting company, the network currently boasts members in 47 different countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America.  

Goldbeck has always been proud to offer our clients an international reach. The strategic partners we’re able to collaborate with through InHunt World only enhances our ability to provide our clients with top-rate options on a worldwide scale.

Since 1997, Goldbeck has been a leading Canadian executive recruitment firm. Our broad scope of expertise has allowed us to thrive in a wide range of industries, including marketing, human resources, engineering, life sciences, manufacturing & operations, natural resources management, not-for-profit, executive search & consulting, accounting, construction, and sales. 

Our team is truly made up of the highest performing recruiters in Canada, each of whom specializes in different industries. They love what they do and they’re fearless about what they’re willing to take on. Collaborating with such a fantastic network of global leaders in the field only serves to further inspire Goldbeck’s top-notch staff. 

Being a part of this network allows us to provide our expertise and abilities to partners who are looking to recruit in the Canadian market. It likewise allows us to access the widest range of international talent, providing additional value to our clients. 

In this industry, it’s essential to truly understand your client’s needs and to provide them with as many options as possible. Doing so requires access to a large talent pool and that’s what this network provides. Goldbeck Recruiting looks forward to taking part in this mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.