Seminar: Women in PR

Last week our Senior Recruiter, Alessia attended the Professional Development Seminar: Know Your Worth in PR. The seminar offered insight on how to market yourself and how to attract new clients. The market in Vancouver was recognized at competitive but not with an attractive compensation. Similar positions in Toronto offer a higher wage and compensation packages. Here some insights our recruiter gained that can help your PR credibility and worth.

Bringing value to your company as a new employee was an important subject discussed. The common themes brought to discussion included; expect needs, team-player personality, problem-solving skills and value through personal interests. Most organizations look for a candidate that is not only fit for the role professionally but also personally fit. This can include things like a sense of humor, personality, open-mindedness and willingness. The HR team is your first impression if you don’t bring a personality to the table with the recruitment team you likely won’t move beyond the initial screening process. Companies are looking for employees adaptable to change and bring ideas and perspectives that create conversations and opinions.

Financial goals were another topic covered at the seminar, suggesting employers and employees to create “profit planning” This shows that employees employers create tangible goals for each step of their career and action plan to achieve them.

Most companies look for quality employees who bring expertise, commitment and are goal driven. Offering anyone the job without a measuring tool or screening process can hinder the payback of having an employee who will benefit the company.

In what ways do you attract new clients and market yourself in your career?