Introducing Jessica Miles – the Newest Member of the Goldbeck Recruiting Family.

Jessica Miles is the newest Sales Recruiter here at Goldbeck Recruiting; she specializes in Manufacturing and Industrial sales. She will also be recruiting in the area of environmentalJessica Miles engineering and management.  Jessica is a fantastic edition to the Goldbeck Recruiting team bring a host of positive qualities such as her  education, persistence, intelligence, initiative, positive attitude, fearlessness and sense of humor.

Jessica is our newest environmental champion here at Goldbeck Recruiting; she graduated at the University of Victoria with a major in Environmental Studies and Sociology. She was also the Co-President of the Environmental Studies Student Association and worked towards engaging fellow students in environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Unfortunately, her career started with challenges in Canadian employment conditions as she graduated in 2009 right after the economic recession.  She overcame this to land a position with the UVic Restoration of Natural Systems Program. This led to her co-authoring the book “Restoration Walks in Victoria” with Dr. Valentin Schaefer.

This research also drove her to work in the public sector and allowed her to put her love of nature to practical use. She worked with First Nation communities and various other environmental groups creating policies to preserve the environment and spread awareness about spending time in nature.

As time progressed, she dabbled into the world of not for profit and began her recruitment career with Mitacs, a research network based out of the University of BC, where she began as an Executive Assistant to the COO, working for one of the Canada’s Top 40 under 40 leaders. She helped build the university’s flagship international program, recruiting top quality undergraduate students from priority countries to work with researchers across Canada. That was the beginning of her passion for recruiting and qualifying great candidates for the right positions..

She approached Henry Goldbeck to discuss potential opportunities and after an initial meeting persisted in such a positive and convincing manner that he had no choice but to hire her.  This persistence, she says, is something she learned from her dad who is a very successful sales professional in the neon sign industry. The sales environment that she grew up in allows her to understand the needs of clients and candidates; she says it is the “thrill of the hunt” that excites her and the idea of meeting people of all backgrounds “I try to rid myself of personal biases and judgments and see the strengths in people and identify how they can bring value to our employers,” she says. “Instead of feeling bogged down from what could be considered obstacles, I like to find the opportunities in the challenges life presents me.”

Personal Facts:

  • Played the piano and built snail gardens from a very young age.
  • Used to sing in a choir group.
  • Likes skiing, wine and cheese, being a beach bum, and travelling.
  • Dreams of owning a piece of land to grow her own vegetables and flowers.


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