Beware Bosses… Don’t Become A Voodoo Doll!

“A recent study has shown that giving employees a voodoo doll of the boss makes them happier. It allows them to take their frustrations out on the boss via a voodoo doll.  Participants reported “lower feelings of injustice” and said they were “far less likely to feel bitter” about their boss or supervisor.¹

Although this would only be a temporary remedy to workplace injustice, or even abuse from a superior.  The ideal workplace environment would be where no voodoo dolls exist.

Open Door Policy

A great boss encourages and implements an open-door policy, they don’t create a relationship with their employees about power and control. Employees do not feel afraid to ask for what they need or when they make mistakes. A great boss is open-minded, genuine and willing to listen to their employees. They can give or take feedback and value the concerns the employees may have.

They Make Work Fun

Good bosses have a motto that screams work hard play & hard!  They don’t treat their employees as a production line or a machine, they create an atmosphere of fun that helps keep employees engaged and happy. They will bring in team-building activities or provide an atmosphere in the office where employees can break away and add fun to their day too.

They Have Humility

A great boss has no problem owning their mistakes even with their employees. A great boss won’t act like they know everything always or blame others for the mistakes or obstacles they are facing. They will be the first to admit they’re wrong and create an environment where their employees don’t feel afraid when things go wrong. They easily roll things off their shoulders and practice a policy of letting go and accepting the situation on hand.

Work is Their Passion

Great bosses are role models for their team and employees. They are motivated, suit up and show-up, show a positive attitude towards work, people and others around them. A good boss takes the workload on and will do everything they expect their employees to do.

They Are the Same Person Across the Board

A great boss is the same individual across the board! They are who you are seeing in the office, in a corporate meeting, outside work and when you’re on a one-to-one meeting. A great boss is authentic and organic in their actions, vision and coaching. They are confident in the work they do, and you always know what you will get from them, there are no surprises.

How do you employees feel about their boss in your organization? What things can your company do to ensure a voodoo doll does not exist?

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