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In Person Interviews: 4 Burning Questions Answered

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Are in-person interviews a thing of the past? Despite the ubiquity of video meetings, some companies still insist on meeting candidates in person before making a decision. Why have these interviews not gone the way of the dinosaur?

We asked Goldbeck Recruiting President Henry Goldbeck four burning questions about in person interviews. As he explained, there are good reasons to have them.

Why Do Companies Want to Hold In Person Interviews?

Many companies believe that meeting a candidate in person will help them get a better sense of who the person is. You get to see how they shake hands and whether they make eye contact what their energy level is like, how they connect with the receptionist and other potential future co-workers they may be introduced to as well as many other subtle markers that do not necessarily translate over video. Unlike remote interviews, they require the candidate to wear pants. A hiring decision is an expensive decision, so the more information a company can collect, the better.

It is easier to judge a candidate’s legitimate interest in the position during in person meetings both by meeting them in person and by the fact that the interview requires more of a commitment to put on pants and commute etc. Every interview, zoom, or in person, is a commitment and a transaction and the consistency, attitude, professionalism, etc of the other party is important information for both candidate and employer.

When Will an In Person Interview Take Place?

Every company is different, but an in person interview will usually take place toward the end of the process. The candidate has probably already participated in remote interviews before they are asked to attend one in person. Because of that, it’s likely that they’ve already met some of the people in the room online. Hopefully this has built some familiarity and will contribute to a greater comfort level for everybody involved.

Do In Person Interviews Have Benefits for the Candidate?

Interviews are a two-way street. Just as the company is looking to collect information on the candidate, the candidate is seeking information on the company. If they’re unsure about the position, the interview will provide them with a great opportunity to assess the company’s culture and to ask questions in a more relaxed setting. As a candidate I would insist on at least one in person interview/meeting.

Are There Any Drawbacks to In Person Interviews?

In person interviews can be a bit more inconvenient to arrange. They may also cause some candidates to question the modernity of the company. Is this an indication that they will be rigid with regard to hybrid work? Goldbeck doesn’t believe that this is the case, but it’s possible that the candidate will perceive it that way.

Overall, however, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks by a wide margin.

Despite the prevalence of video meetings, don’t expect in person interviews to go away any time soon. A lot is at stake for both companies and candidates, and a face-to-face meeting can provide useful information for both parties.

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