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How to Stay Ahead of Technology Trends

In the tech world things are constantly changing and developing, keeping up can be a hard thing to do, when things change so rapidly.

Fortunately, a few simple “life hacks” can help you keep your  finger on this ever changing way of technology trends. For example, if you are following the people most likely to set new trends, (rather than trying to come up with new trends yourself) or having a variety of twitter lists for tech news, can help you stay on top of what’s happening in your industry.

Here are eight of our favorite tips for staying in the loop of the latest technology trends:

1. Industry Events

Start or end your day by browsing your twitter lists that may include leaders in the technology world. See who they are following and what they are saying. Some that we suggest following are CBC News, Business Insider, TechCrunch, TechVibes, Venture Beat, and several others that will help capture the news of the day in the tech world. Attending tech conferences, and events in your area will help you stay on top of the latest trends. Finding conferences in your area will also keep you updated.

2. Follow various Social Media Feeds

Following twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and newsworthy blogs, and social streams are the best way to consume targeted and curated information in small doses surrounding trending technology topics.

3. News Sites

There are a lot of great news sites out there that keep up with all the progress in the tech world. “Techmeme” aggregates the top stories and removes the mundane task of searching and switching between sites in order to consume the day’s information. Curation sites like Techmeme, and Reddit are both valuable time savers because they help get everything you want in one place.

4. Personalized Social Media Fees

The proliferation of data, and changes in technology makes it difficult to stay on top of new trends. But the smart personalization algorithms (customizing your accounts to your searches and likes) that power the feeds of Twitter, Facebook and Google News have helped keep me current.

5. Read, Read, Read

Give yourself time in the morning or before bed to find articles that you can read and interest you.Reading various blogs, articles and newspapers helps to stay on top of the trends. You can even subscribe to different blogs that will send you articles relevant to what you’re interested in.

Staying on top of technology can be an exhausting task, but you can find ways to help you plan and categorize your information. Start with a few of the above tips and we promise that you will feel more in the loop than ever before. Technology is the way of the world and the more we can educate ourselves the better equipped we will be for the future!

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