Workplace Wellness & Tips

Workplace wellness is a key factor in any organization. It is crucial that employers incorporate resources and time for their employees to ensure mental health and wellness and nurtured and supported.

Here are a few activities you can do with your team to promote mental health:

 Have a fitness professional in the office to discuss the benefits of physical activity: Many organizations offer lunch programs which bring in yoga or meditation instructors to lead their team or employees free of charge. This encourages employees to step away from their desk and reset their mind resulting in better concentration and mood. If your office can host a few weights and cardio equipment this could give employees the opportunity to workout before or after work. Physical activity is shown to increase mental health and mood. Physical activity can help with work related stress, depression and as a result decrease absence and sickness in employees according to


Have a resource center where employees can find healthy recipes: Nutrition and healthy and well-balanced meals are key for every individual. Employees often can skip meals or grab what ever is on the go to save time or meet a deadline. Bringing in a certified nutritionist or printing healthy recipes for employees can encourage them to opt out for healthier meals or share meal plans and prepping together. When we feed our mind with nutrients we are better equipped to focus and concentrate. Heathy eating also increases self esteem and better mood according to Canadian Center of Occupational Health and Safety


Have resources available for time management tips:Time management is key for any workplace. Often employees struggle to find the balance between home and professional life or just time management at work. When employees are provided resources to better manage their time, prioritize or ask for help they can step into a project with more clarity instead of rushing through it. Here are some tips for employees for managing their time at work starting with a 10-minute rule


Small steps go a long way when it comes to promoting mental health both in the workplace and at home. For other workplace wellness info, please click her