Client Success Manager

Ece Ozer

Client Success Manager

Specialties: Project Management, Commercial Acumen, Client Communications. 


Ece’s Story

Ece liaises with Goldbeck Recruiting’s clients to get a deep understanding of their talent gaps and needs so that they can better leverage Goldbeck Recruiting’s exceptional services to their advantage. Ece is dedicated to ensuring her client’s best interests throughout collaboration while safeguarding their data and information.

Previously, Ece was an expert search professional and a sales manager, specializing in finding the best industry experts across every sector, function, and geography. She has a natural passion for connecting businesses and people. She previously worked with the world’s leading investment and corporate strategy clients, helping them make well-informed decisions and reduce risk while saving valuable time and money.

Core competencies: project management, commercial acumen, client communications.

Personal Facts:

  • Owns a personal growth and simplified finance podcast in her native language, Turkish

  • Interested in weightlifting in her free time

  • Likes discovering second-hand bookshops in Vancouver

  • A cat mom to her 3-year-old Luna

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