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Finding candidates for an available position is more than just selecting the best qualifications. It requires FINDING THE RIGHT FIT into your specific industry and organizational culture.

Goldbeck Recruiting is a contingency recruitment and executive search firm located in Vancouver, BC. Since 1997, we have been helping companies fill challenging positions that require a unique combination of skills, professionalism, and industry background.

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Let us find the right fit for your company. Goldbeck Recruiting provides specialist recruitment services for permanent placements in corporate and management positions.

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We are a UK based company and were looking for a CEO based in Vancouver BC, to take our high tech R&D company through the commercialization and IPO stages and beyond. Henry’s professionalism and quick grasp of our requirements made working with Goldbeck Recruiting very easy. His dedications to the search and the quality of the candidates presented were superb. We are very satisfied with our new CEO and would use Goldbeck Recruiting again.

Caisey Harlingten, Canadian Integrated Optics BC, LTD

I have used Goldbeck Recruiting for several positions and have always been pleased with the results. Henry has created a firm that is highly responsive to clients and their needs. Customer service is among the best in Vancouver and Henry and his staff work diligently to understand their clients' needs and pursue only the best candidates for the job.

Oksana Exell, Executive Director

Although we successfully complete most of our recruiting in house, we have had a few difficult searches for managers in our production and logistics operations. Henry Goldbeck did an excellent job of understanding and focusing on our requirements and candidate standards and finding suitable candidates for these positions. We are very happy with our experience working with Goldbeck Recruiting.

Christine Ducharme, Thrifty Foods

I met with Henry as part of my networking and search efforts in BC and was very impressed at the immediate understanding he had of my background and of where I might be a good fit. Henry quickly identified the networking contacts which might be helpful to me and initiated an introduction. His support in my search is greatly appreciated.

Markus Pauli, COO at ACSI

Goldbeck Recruiting is a very responsible Company and which always works very thorough before they present us with candidate result’s. Goldbeck always delivers on time, and are very knowledgeable in the market which is a huge support. The results we get from Goldbeck Recruiting are terrific. They present us with great candidates and the upfront qualification and research is excellent which has saved us a tremendous amount of time. Goldbeck Recruiting is an important part of our team and we highly recommend them.

Thorsten Gutsche, Vice President of Engineering Services, Cartel Communication Systems Inc.

Since 1997, Goldbeck Recruiting has provided top recruitment services to clients in Vancouver and around the world. We are proud of our success rate, having helped over 80% of our clients make successful hires after the first short list of candidates. As a trusted job/employer consultancy we have earned a strong repeat customer base, as well as an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Hiring the Right Person for Your Company

Bad hires come at a cost, so Goldbeck Recruiting’s mission is to find candidates who not only meet qualification requirements, but truly fit the position being recruited for. As such, we consider ourselves more than “headhunters”. We strive to gain a deep understanding of our client’s company culture, assessing the combination of skills, professionalism and experience that will spell success in a role. Instead of viewing an open position as a vulnerability or threat, we see opportunity. A new employee should not merely fill a position, but should have a positive impact on your bottom line! “Our recruitment philosophy is based on the belief that every new hire should make our clients’ business more successful,” says president Henry Goldbeck. It’s why our expert recruiters in Vancouver search the city, or, if necessary, the globe, for the perfect candidate, developing a unique strategy for every placement. It’s an approach that seeks to create mutually beneficial relationships between our recruiters, our clients and the candidates; truly a win-win-win situation.

Vancouver’s Expert Agencies in Recruiting

Maintaining high quality recruitment agencies requires top notch staff, which is why Goldbeck’s recruiters are thorough, professional and well versed. Each of our recruiters specializes in specific job functions and industries, which ensures that you will have a true expert on your side. Your shortlist will be created only after careful consideration of the position, the industry and your company. We’ve been very careful to staff our agency with talented individuals and they, in turn, will do the same for you.

Locating the Best Candidates

As one of the top recruitment agencies in Vancouver, Goldbeck is only as good as the candidates we are able to locate. Not only will we scout talented individuals currently employed by your competitors, but we will also search extensive internal and external candidate databases and social media, utilizing SEO and AI to find the right person for the job. We are able to consult with international recruiting partners and utilize well developed sourcing techniques tailored to your particular industry. We will leave no stone unturned in our mission to populate your short list with the best candidates available, and will do so discreetly, exercising professionalism throughout the process.

From Initial Consultation to Final Congratulations

Finding the truly right candidate and completing the hire is a process and Goldbeck Recruiting is here to help you throughout. Our recruiters will work with you to define the position and convey your offering to potential candidates in a way that is both informative and appealing. We will work with you to develop a compensation plan that is suitable for the position. After receiving the short list of candidates, you can utilize our expert recruiters during the interview and hiring process. We conduct professional reference checks as well as credit, criminal and driving background checks. We have decades of experience in negotiating offers of employment and are capable of assisting in relocation as well as immigration processes when required. Goldbeck offers top recruitment services that stretch from the initial phone call to the successful hire and beyond!

The Goldbeck Guarantee

We are confident that your new employee will deliver, but that doesn’t mean that we disappear after their first day on the job. Goldbeck offers a six month replacement guarantee, meaning that if your new hire quits or is let go within the first six months, we will find you another free of charge. That time period far exceeds the industry average. Check around! This guarantee is on top of our contingency based recruitment pricing, which means that you don’t pay a fee until you successfully hire a Goldbeck sourced candidate.

Results Within a Timeframe

Although the recruiting and hiring process has many steps, our recruitment agency doesn’t require a lot of time. We understand that time is of the essence and respond accordingly. In fact, Goldbeck’s average hiring process takes just 4-6 weeks to complete!

Why Hire External Recruiting Agencies?

With an open position at your company, you’re stretched thin as it is. Why tax your staff even more by tasking them with an exhaustive search for the right candidate? Goldbeck’s recruiters have access to a wide range of talent and are committed to finding the best available person for your opening. What’s more, we often do so quicker, and at a lower cost, than internal recruitment efforts. Talk to one of our Vancouver-based recruiters today to access the candidate who will help take your company to the next level. Contact us today for more information and for a quote on our recruiter services.