2020 Trends in Production and Operations

Company president Henry Goldbeck explains the skills being sought in the production and operations sector.
“There is demand for GM position candidates that have an understanding of technology, quality and production, and how digital technology can affect their marketplace,” explains Goldbeck. “They want people that have experience with modern manufacturing systems, like Sigma and Lean manufacturing, that know how to improve production and quality processes.”
Finding qualified candidates for leadership positions can be a challenge for Western Canadian manufacturers. According to Goldbeck recruiter Alessia Pagliaroli, the B.C. manufacturing sector simply lacks depth relative to that of Ontario.
“In Western Canada, we lack the high concentration of manufacturers necessary to create a large pool of candidates,” says Pagliaroli. “For example, if there’s an injection moulding position in a Western Canadian city, it would be much harder to find a candidate qualified for a skilled or supervisory position than it would be in Ontario. It’s a similar situation with CNC Programmers.”
If a suitable candidate cannot be found locally, people are willing to relocate to Western Canada for the right opportunity. While money is obviously a factor, career development can be equally appealing for candidates.
“People want to know whether they will be learning new skills and how the company is run,” says Pagliaroli. “What initiative will they be able to take? What training and opportunities will they be offered? People want an opportunity to grow in their career.”
According to Goldbeck, the allure of the West can be as personal as it is professional.
“Their parents or adult children may have moved to the West. They may be from the West and want to move back,” he explains, adding, “Sometimes they just love to go snowboarding!”

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