#MeToo, what’s next? We look at what’s happening at the Women’s Forum in Toronto

Ensuring adequate support for women in the workplace is becoming top of mind for most hiring managers as the marketplace evolves. Impactful events like the emergence of the #MeToo movement has shone a light on deep-set issues facing women as they progress in their careers. These campaigns are effective at widespread awareness and understanding, but what happens next? The Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society is happening right now in Toronto and leaders from across the business and political spectrum in Canada are working to foster collaboration and empowerment.

Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins on inclusivity:

Ms. Wilkins spoke at the Forum today and stressed the link between an inclusive and secure economy, particularly when facing the challenges of an increasingly complex technical world. “We’re doing projects where we actually require that diversity of thought. Whether we’re thinking about digitalization, whether we’re thinking about crypto assets, what the new economy is going to look like. We need that diversity.”

Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Carolyn Wilkins speaks at the Toronto Women's Forum
Carolyn Wilkins speaks at the Toronto Women’s Forum (photo: Bank of Canada)

Not only do workplaces need to ensure they are respectful and equal opportunity environments, but the market is increasingly showing that they recognize the benefits from investing in every facet of their business. The atmosphere at the Forum this week could be partially illustrated by the thoughts of the Hon. Maryam Monsef, MP (Peterborough-Kawartha) who said “When we invest in women, we improve communities for everyone. When there is an inequality, everyone pays the price.”

A recruiter’s perspective

Jessica Miles is a senior recruiter at Goldbeck and specializes in sales and management placements for industrial and manufacturing industries, as well as healthcare and biotech. Traditionally male-dominated industries, she says  “are seeing a shift, where women are taking on more senior roles and breaking into different market segments. We source and present our clients with candidates who are best qualified for the position. We are very happy to see some change in the marketplace, but there is still work to be done. Conferences like the Women’s Forum provide valuable ideas, investment and networking that women can use as external support to help close the gap.”

Women’s Forum managing director Chiara Corazza supports this sentiment as well. For her, it’s about “putting women who deserve (opportunities) where they deserve to be”. One of the speakers in Toronto this week is Vicki Saunders, founder and CEO of SheEO, who according to their website is “radically transforming how we finance, support and celebrate women-led Ventures that are creating a better world.” She says that through initiatives like the Women’s Forum they are “not trying to level the playing field — we’re trying to create a new field,”.

What is being done to support women?

These events raise a lot of awareness of both the issues and the opportunities being created. Businesses can tap in to these and be a part of the change. For example, Natural Resources Canada is investing millions in to supporting women in founding cleantech solutions, as just one way of investing in industries that traditionally have majority male leadership.

How is the changing marketplace affecting decisions in your business? Get in touch with one of our recruitment advisors like Jessica Miles to talk about how you can invest in the long-term security of your business with a focus on skill and personnel diversity.

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