Create Unity in Your Workplace

Team building and unity are the foundations of a winning company. Of course, it’s a way to have fun and perhaps miss work (depending on where the team building will take place) however the benefits exceed the surface level of fun. We recommend reading this article by the Harvard Business review. It really emphasizes the importance of team building.

A company that succeeds internally and externally doesn’t necessarily do anything that’s too special or out of the ordinary. It doesn’t have to have the best office space on the block or an Italian coffee machine (although those are some nice perks). The secret to a winning business is the unity among employees within the company.

Workplaces are often diverse; with different backgrounds, age, race, sexual identity, race, values, education, even work ethic. Some of us may have a stronger suit in areas that others may not and vice versa. Different skillsets can be leveraged by incorporating some easy yet beneficial exercises within your employees.

When employees can work together, respect one another and understand each other they are better equipped to communicate and problem solve effectively, hence increasing productivity. Team unity doesn’t always happen easily & it will always be work in progress. The key is building an atmosphere and culture for your employees to learn, practice and apply these skill in the work they do and collectively.

Unity helps increase employee morale. Often employees can feel over worked, when we take employees away from their tasks and incorporate activities that empower them they are more likely to feel gratitude and perform better.

Unity increases productivity. If individuals are provided opportunities to learn about each other they build stronger connections. Connection is an advantage as people are likely to be more understanding and compassionate of one another. They also get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and step up to the plate when they need to.

Unity creates healthy communication and a safe environment. A workplace where various personalities can get along or find healthy means to problem solve decreases conflict. A workplace should be a place where all employees feel equally respected and safe. When employees know each other, and have a connection they will practice looking out for each other. To learn more ways to increase your team building awareness we recommend reading “The 17 Disputable Laws of Teamwork”by John Maxwell It shares so much valuable information that is easily transferable.

There are numerous ways to build team unity in your business. Something as simple as having lunch together or setting up an in office, or off premises activity will benefit you and keep all employees unified. Brainstorm with your team how you can incorporate this into your workplace.