Historic City of Québec Takes Innovative Approach to Future

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The beautiful city of Québec has a proud and storied history, but its diverse economy means that it’s well-positioned for the future as well. The provincial capital and the neighboring city of Lévis benefit from a host of universities, colleges, tech institutions, and vocational schools. These institutions, coupled with the city’s entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, ensure that Québec’s future will be as notable as its past.

Canada’s Highest Concentration of Experts Fuels Québec’s Options & Photonics Industry

Québec City boasts the highest concentration of optics/photonics experts in Canada.1 The sector’s growth and success are attributed not only to its skilled workforce, but to its state-of-the-art research facilities, innovative technologies, and collaborative environment.

Research centres include National Optics Institute, Centre d’Optique, Photonique et Laser (COPL) at Université Laval, CERVO Brain Research Centre, Defence Research and Development Canada Valcartier (DRDC Valcartier), Centre for Industrial Robotics and Vision (CRVI), and Laboratory of Vision and Systems (LVSN).  

Life Sciences and Health Technologies: Academia Meets Industry

Québec City’s life sciences and health technology industry spans from basic research to cutting-edge medical technologies. Advancements in biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals occur regularly as a result of cooperation between industry and academic institutions, including Université Laval.

As the capital city, Québec is also at the centre of healthcare decisions made for the entire province.

Québec’s Food and Nutrition Industry Globally Recognized

Not only does Québec City’s food and nutrition industry contribute substantially to the local economy, it promotes the consumption of healthy and innovative food products throughout the world.

The local industry is recognized globally and specializes in the processing of functional foods as well as organic and local products. Contributions are made by companies both large and small, ensuring stability and vibrancy.

Universities and research centres, including the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods and Créneau d’excellence Aliments Santé, play a role, making this one of the area’s most important industries.

Québec is ‘Insurance Capital’

In keeping with the city’s spirit of innovation, Québec’s insurance and financial services sector focuses on forward thinking and innovation, utilizing technology to add new efficiency to old industries. Nationally, the city is second only to Toronto in terms of its industry footprint, helping it earn the moniker of ‘The Insurance Capital.’2

The riverfront areas of Québec and neighboring Lévis are home to a cluster of insurance and finance companies, which helps attract talent and contributes to growth.

Green and Smart Buildings Staple of Québec City’s Architecture

Green and smart buildings are increasingly becoming a hallmark of Québec’s architectural landscape. The jump toward sustainability is a result of manufacturers, architects, and research centres and their ongoing dedication to green technology.

The future requires efficient solutions that are economically viable, and this is at the heart of the city’s green and smart building industry. The contributing individuals and teams offer badly needed solutions for a world rising to the challenge of sustainability.

Manufacturing Sector Benefits from Innovation, Geography

Québec City’s manufacturing sector is responsible for 32,000 jobs, representing 7% of total employment.3 In addition to its qualified workforce, the sector owes its success to various government funding programs, a strategic location for market access, affordable and renewable energy, and the presence of global players such as Canam, Kerry Food, Garant, Dupont, Manac, Bimbo, and Bibby Ste-Croix.

Québec’s Vital Artificial Intelligence Industry

The story of artificial intelligence is one that is shaping the very age we live in. Many of the rapid advancements being gained are happening in Québec City. As a recognized AI R&D hub, Québec is turning concepts into solutions on a daily basis. The industry is fuelled by diverse expertise, strong R&D, an expert workforce, and an annual gathering of the AI and data community called Semaine numériQc.

Québec City is the provincial capital, which means that government is a major employer. Culture, history, and picturesque architecture make it a favorite with tourists as well. Overall, Québec City’s economy looks to the future, while also capitalizing on the historic benefits that make it so special. With a hard-working and well-educated workforce and a strong spirit of innovation, look for this diversified economy to continue thriving into the future.

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